The group standard publication”Eight Treasure Rice” of Zhejiang Food Industry Association is officially released
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  Recently, Zhejiang Food Industry Association Group Standard T/ZJFIA 003-2020″Eight Treasure Rice” was officially published by China Standards Press.
   This standard was proposed and managed by Zhejiang Food Industry Association. Zhejiang Liangwuzhai Food Co., Ltd. is the main drafter. Wuweihe Food, Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jiaxing Food Association, Xiaoyingzhai Food, Changnian Food, Wei Zhenzhai Food, Zhenzhen Lao Food, Hangzhou Yuanle and other units jointly participated in the drafting. After the stages of application, project establishment, discussion, solicitation of opinions, review, and publication of proofreading, it was officially released on November 26, 2020 (implemented on December 26, 2020).
  Eight Treasure Rice is a traditional Chinese specialty. It is a good product for festivals and hospitality, especially in the south of the Yangtze River. At present, there are many varieties and brands of eight-treasure rice on the market, with different implementation standards and uneven product quality. The issuance and implementation of the group standard of”Eight Treasure Rice” fills up the gaps in current product standards, provides a more scientific production basis for the production of Eight Treasure Rice, promotes the improvement of the quality level of Eight Treasure Rice, and regulates market order.
  Members of the association can apply for free access to the group’s standard publications and use authorization, and the specific contact:0571-85166980. At the same time, food production, operation, testing, scientific research and other units that are willing and able to formulate group standards are welcome to participate in more group standard formulation work.