The group standard of”Luyu Good Food” successfully passed the expert review in Jinan
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   On January 3, 2021, the”Luyu Good Food” group standard review meeting was successfully held in Jinan National Offshore Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base.

   The group standard review meeting was organized by the Jinan Public Nutritionist Association, and the standard review team was organized by Shandong University, Shandong Jianzhu University, Shandong Normal University, and Shandong Province Place Name Research It is composed of experts from the Institute, Shandong Provincial Geological Environment Monitoring Station, Shandong Provincial Agricultural Sustainable Development Research Institute and other relevant units. The meeting elected Professor Wang Guangzhen, the deputy dean of the Institute of Urban Culture of Shandong University, as the leader of the standard review expert group.

At the    meeting, Professor Zhang Qi from Jinan Technician College made an introduction on behalf of the standard drafting group, and discussed the purpose, significance, standard preparation outline and main content of the standard And the preparation process is introduced in detail.

   members of the reviewing expert group reviewed the articles of the group standard one by one, and conducted sufficient and detailed inquiries on the various contents of the group standard, and the scope of the standard, Valuable opinions were put forward in terms of normative references, definitions of some terms and the accuracy of the contents of some clauses. In the end, the review expert group unanimously agreed that the group standard of”Luyu Good Food” passed the review. In conclusion, Professor Wang Guangzhen, the leader of the expert group, emphasized that the promotion of the group standard of”Luyu Good Food” must be closely integrated with the national rural revitalization strategy, the new era food safety strategy, and the Shandong brand strategy to strengthen the province. The promotion of”Good Ingredients” group standards gradually explores and cultivates a batch of cultural, nutritious, quality, marketable, and standard five good ingredients.