The green development of fishery has achieved results
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  News from this website Since 2020, fishery administrative departments at all levels have implemented the”Several Opinions on Accelerating the Green Development of Aquaculture Industry” jointly issued by ten departments to promote the growth of aquaculture from quantity to quality improvement. Significant results have been achieved in green development.
  Scientific planning promotes sustainable development, and legal rights are confirmed to protect the rights and interests of fishermen. The tidal flat planning system for aquaculture waters and the breeding license system are the basic systems for the development of aquaculture. At the beginning of 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a notice to guide all regions to comprehensively promote the preparation and issuance of tidal flat planning and issuance of breeding waters. At present, 6 provincial, 257 prefecture-level and 1544 county-level people’s governments have promulgated and implemented the tidal flat plan for aquaculture waters at this level, and 130,000 copies of the Water Tidal Flat Aquaculture Certificate have been issued, and the registered waters and tidal flat areas have been confirmed to be approximately 441.5 Ten thousand hectares have laid a solid foundation for stabilizing the development space of basic fisheries aquaculture waters, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of fish farmers, and promoting the green development of aquaculture.
   Ecological and healthy aquaculture is fully promoted, and the pace of transformation and upgrading is accelerated. Launched the implementation of the”Five Major Actions” for green aquaculture farming, and vigorously promoted industrialization and recirculating pond aquaculture, three-dimensional aquaculture in seawater, and large-surface ecological aquaculture in accordance with local conditions. Expand the production space for breeding and support the development of deep-sea aquaculture, integrated rice-fishing cultivation, and saline-alkali water ecological aquaculture. Continue to carry out national aquaculture healthy breeding demonstration activities, creating a total of 1,009 national-level healthy aquaculture demonstration farms and 12 fishery healthy breeding demonstration counties throughout the year, creating a batch of green aquaculture development models.
  The modern aquatic seed industry continues to grow, and the industrial foundation is more stable. Issued the first”Report on the Development of China’s Aquatic Seed Industry (1949-2019)” since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, which provides a panoramic display of the development results of the aquatic seed industry in the past 70 years from the aspects of management system, system construction, scientific research and academic research, promotion and application, and industrial development. Strengthen the aquatic product seed industry system, and create 86 national-level aquatic product original seed farms. The selection and breeding of new varieties was promoted, and 229 new varieties were approved according to law. Organize relevant aquatic scientific research institutions and breeding companies to carry out joint breeding of Penaeus vannamei to promote the integrated development of government, industry, research and application.
   The aquatic animal epidemic prevention continued to be strengthened, and the epidemic prevention and control capabilities continued to improve. The quarantine system for the origin of aquatic fingerlings has been fully implemented nationwide for the first time. There have been 7766 official fishery veterinarians confirmed in various places, 1,304 quarantine declaration points have been set up, 4861 electronic”Animal Quarantine Certificates” issued throughout the year, and 43.3 billion aquatic fingerlings have been quarantined. Carry out the monitoring and early warning of major aquatic animal diseases, release the”Report on China’s Aquatic Animal Health Status in 2020″ and”Analysis of the Status of Important Aquatic Animal Diseases in my country in 2020″, organize the monitoring of salmon and trout and other parasites and major disease risk assessment, and promote major aquatic animal diseases Prevention and control and emergency response capabilities. Improve the “National Service Network for Remote Aided Diagnosis of Aquatic Animal Diseases”, and continuously improve the service level of aquaculture disease prevention and control.