The Fragrant Drinks House promotes”Xinglong Coffee” to be included in China’s first batch of 100 EU-protected geographical indication products
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   In order to promote the international application of protected geographical indication products,”Xinglong Coffee” geographical indication products have been protected by 28 EU member states. In 2014, Fragrant Drinks Association The People’s Government of Wanning City and the Hainan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau initiated the work of recommending Xinglong Coffee to be included in the”China-Europe 100+100″ International Mutual Guaranteed Geographical Indication Product, and made several modifications and improvements as required. In July 2020, the European Council authorized the formal signing of the China-EU Geographical Indication Agreement, and”Xinglong Coffee” was successfully selected.

  ”Xinglong Coffee” has obtained the”China-Europe 100+100″ international mutual insurance, which can be used on Xinglong coffee geographical indication products exported to the EU market, other overseas markets and the domestic market The joint use of China’s special logo and the official EU logo, and the high-level protection of both domestic and foreign markets, will greatly enhance the international influence of the product, and better promote the”going out” of Xinglong coffee geographical indication products.

  ”Xinglong Coffee” uses Robusta coffee beans as raw materials. The Fragrant Drink Store preserves more than 300 coffee germplasm resources from 28 countries around the world, and cultivated my country has 8 varieties of Robusta coffee with independent intellectual property rights, which won the third prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 1999.”Reyan No. 1″ and”Reyan No. 2″ coffee passed the national examination in 2013, and”Reyan No. 3″ and”Reyan No. 4″ coffee passed the certification of Hainan Province in 2016.”Yan No. 5″ coffee is applying for certification in Hainan Province. The series of selected varieties have high yield and high quality, and research and development of production technologies such as compound planting, trimming, integrated pest control, low-temperature heat pump drying, and digitally improved roasting and aroma enhancement. Provide technical support for Xinglong Coffee’s development of quality, industrialization and branding.

   China’s first batch of 100 products protected by EU geographical indications: 1803