The Agricultural Products Processing Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Food College of Hebei Agricultural University deepen cooperation
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  Recently, the Agricultural Products Processing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the College of Food Science and Technology of Hebei Agricultural University signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Baoding. The two parties reached an agreement to strengthen joint project declaration and joint training Outstanding talents contribute to the development of modern agriculture in Hebei Province. Sun Tan, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Shen Shuxing, deputy party secretary and president of Hebei Agricultural University attended the signing ceremony.

  Sun Tan puts forward three hopes for cooperation between the two parties. First, give full play to the scientific and technological innovation and platform advantages of the institute, give full play to the advantages of university discipline system construction, and implement the new development concept , To work together to achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common development; the second is to strengthen school-school cooperation, cooperation between science and technology, concentrating forces, facing difficulties, and jointly creating Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaborative innovation, common development, and modern technological innovation in agriculture and rural areas around Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei A new model of supply; the third is to strengthen communication and exchanges on the basis of good cooperation in the early stage, further expand the content of cooperation, and make greater contributions to accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.

   At the meeting, the two sides discussed the training of young talents, joint postgraduate training, postgraduate employment, platform co-construction and sharing, national key projects, and major projects in Hebei Province. Discussions were conducted on specific measures in key research and collaborative innovation, mutual employment and exchange of on-the-job experts.