The 216th meeting of the Standing Committee of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee listened to the report on the food safety work in our city
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   On the morning of December 31, 2020, Wuxi City held the 216th meeting of the 13th Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee. The meeting heard a report on the city’s food safety work, Municipal Party Committee Secretary Huang Qin presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

   Huang Qin led everyone to learn about the food safety requirements of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee Standing Committee on December 14:

   First, we must always put food safety in a prominent position, lead the whole society in joint action, and strive to build a good work pattern in which everyone values ​​food safety and everyone maintains food safety .

  Second, we must do our utmost to solve outstanding food safety problems. In response to the new situation of viral cold chain transmission, highlight the strengthening of cold chain food safety supervision.

   Third, we must focus on building a long-term food safety mechanism, support technological breakthroughs in key areas and standard promotion, and strive to create greater changes in the Yangtze River’s fishing ban and promote regional cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta. Many experiences have promoted the modernization of our province’s food safety governance system and governance capabilities to be at the forefront of the country.

   The meeting listened to a report by Xu Weiying, director of Wuxi Food Safety Office, on food safety in our city.

   First, Wuxi has won an excellent ranking in the provincial food safety annual appraisal for two consecutive years. As of November, a total of 45,140 batches of various foods were inspected and monitored in the city, and the number of food inspections reached 6.85 batches per thousand people, and the pass rate of food inspection was 98.85%. Implement the”Three-year Action Plan for Food Safety in Wuxi City”, vigorously promote the creation of provincial food safety demonstration zones, and take the lead in achieving full coverage of provincial food safety demonstration counties (cities, districts) in the province.

   The second is the solid progress of daily supervision and special rectification. Comprehensively promote 12 food safety tackling actions and more than 10 special inspections. The three-year action of rectification and improvement of small food workshops has been fully launched, the establishment rate of sellers in the edible agricultural product market has reached 100%, and a sampling inspection (including rapid testing) system for all edible agricultural products has been established. Complete the on-site disposal of perishable kitchen waste in Jiangyin, Yixing and Economic Development Zones.

   The third is to serve the epidemic prevention and control effectively. Promulgated the”Wuxi Food Safety Risk Monitoring Implementation Plan in 2020″, and carried out the follow-up evaluation of two national food safety standards. The province’s first import cold chain food declaration and traceability system was established. The market supervision department, together with health, public security, and commerce departments, continued to carry out”four no two straight” inspections, severely punished violations of laws and regulations, and prevented the spread of imported frozen products. Supervised and instructed all public primary and secondary schools (kindergarten) and centralized distribution units of food materials in the city to carry out 8,000 food inspections, and urged the return and destruction of 48 batches of food materials suspected of having safety risks, totaling 151 tons. The Municipal Food Safety Inspection and Testing Center has become the only national market supervision technology innovation center recommended to be established in the province.

  Fourth is the gradual deepening of social governance. The Municipal Food Safety Office and 14 departments carried out food safety publicity week activities, with the theme of “Food Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility”, and carried out a series of publicity activities such as “Health Food Escorts Sunset Red”, and food safety satisfaction has increased year by year.

   Huang Qin affirmed the achievements of relevant departments at all levels in the city in implementing food safety, and put forward three requirements:

   First, we must improve our political position.

  Wuxi is not only a major food consumer market, but also a highland for special food industries in the country. It is of great significance and responsibility to ensure food safety. The whole city must conscientiously implement the spirit of the general secretary’s important instructions on food safety work, firmly establish a people-centered development idea, fully implement the deployment requirements of the central, provincial, and municipal governments, and treat food safety as a major political task with the most rigorous Standards, strictest supervision, strictest penalties, and most serious accountability to ensure food safety, and resolutely protect the people’s “safety on the tip of the tongue”.

  Second, keep an eye on outstanding issues.

   must pay close attention to key areas and weak links, highlight key periods such as the “two festivals” and “two sessions”, deepen the critical actions of the food safety and security project construction, and strictly inspect and manage Import cold chain foods, strengthen comprehensive food safety management, and strive to achieve practical results to ensure that it maintains an excellent ranking in the province’s food safety work assessment.

   Third, we must build a long-term mechanism.

   Adhere to strict prevention at source, strict process management, and strict risk control, complete and perfect food safety special inspections, risk monitoring, full traceability, accountability and other systems and mechanisms, and strictly follow Every pass from farmland to dinner table. It is necessary to actively participate in the formulation and revision of national and provincial food safety standards, support technical research and standard promotion in key areas, and improve the quality and safety assurance level of the entire food chain. It is necessary to promote the food industry to increase varieties, improve quality, and create brands, and strive to create more”Wuxi experience” in the Yangtze River ban on fishing, the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, and the”Bright Kitchen and Bright Stove” project, and continuously improve the city’s food safety governance system And the level of modernization of governance capabilities.