The 2020 Guangxi Autonomous Region Food Safety Risk Conference Joint Conference will be held in Yong
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   Recently, the Guangxi Food Safety Office held a district-wide food safety risk conference in Nanning in 2020. The meeting listened to the food safety risk prevention and control work of relevant member units of the Autonomous Region Food Safety Office, and notified the expert opinions of the”Regional Food Safety Risk Consultation Expert Consultation and Review Meeting from June to November 2020″ to study the current food safety risk prevention and control Countermeasures, deployment, and prevention and control of food safety risks under the new situation. Huang Zhen, Executive Deputy Director of the Food Safety Office of the Autonomous Region, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Market Supervision Bureau of the Autonomous Region, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The    meeting pointed out that in 2020, the food safety of the whole district will be at a historically high level. There will be no major food safety incidents and no regional or systemic food safety risks. The public’s sense of gain is increasing, and the public’s food safety satisfaction is gradually improving, and food safety risks can be prevented and controlled. The important and fundamental role of food safety risk early warning communication in the food safety supervision system has further emerged, and the work of risk communication, risk early warning, risk research and judgment, and risk drills has been further strengthened to build a comprehensive food safety risk prevention and control system.

   The meeting emphasized that although the food safety situation in our region remains stable and improving, food safety risks still exist:pesticide and veterinary drug residues, illegal additions, exceeding limits and exceeding limits Problems such as the use of food additives, excessive heavy metals, and microbial contamination are more prominent; at the same time, there are many food production and operation entities in the region, low scale, low quality management level, and weak sense of main responsibility, which lead to weak food safety foundations. Safety risks will still exist objectively for a long time, and food safety supervision will still have a long way to go. At the time when major festivals such as”Double Festivals” are approaching, people are intensive, supply and marketing are booming, and the food safety risk situation is complex and diverse. All departments should take the initiative to perform their duties and combine prevention and control to ensure the people’s diet safety.

  Autonomous Region Party Committee Propaganda Department News Office, Public Security Department, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department, Health Commission, Forestry Bureau, Nanning Customs and other departments are responsible for comrades and related businesses of the Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau The head of the office and the head of the inspection agency attended the meeting.