Ten years of sharpening a sword to be a watcher of China’s food safety-2020 food safety and health hot scientific interpretation media communication conference held in Beijing
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  Food Partner Network News On January 8th, guided by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, hosted by the Chinese Society for Food Science and Technology, and supported by multiple media, the”2020 Food Safety and Health Hotspot Scientific Interpretation Media Communication” This is the 10th consecutive year that the Society has invited authoritative experts to interpret the annual hot issues. The top ten food safety and health hotspots launched this time are selected from more than 60 hotspots, and come from more than ten mainstream media and the nomination, selection and reconsideration of experts from the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology, which basically reflect public opinion in 2020 The main concern.
Ten years of sharpening a sword to be a watcher of China’s food safety-2020 food safety and health hot scientific interpretation media communication conference held in Beijingimage
   Meng Qinghai, vice chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology and secretary of the Secretariat, and Hao Minghong, the second-level inspector of the Food Safety Sampling Inspection and Monitoring Department of the State Administration for Market Regulation, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Researcher Chen Junshi, General Counsel of the National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, Professor Sun Baoguo, President of Beijing Technology and Business University, Researcher Wu Qingping, Honorary Director of Guangdong Institute of Microbiology, 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and from the National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment and China Disease Control and Prevention Authoritative experts from the Central Institute of Nutrition and Health, the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine Sciences, Peking University, China Agricultural University and other scientific research institutes and universities have respectively commented on food safety and health in 2020, such as the Spring Festival epidemic prevention, rice yeast acid, and plant-based food. The ten hotspots have been scientifically interpreted and expressed the views of the academic community.
   Meng Qinghai, vice chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology and secretary of the Secretariat, stated in his speech that the development of popular science cannot be separated from the support and participation of scientists and the media, and the positive interaction and close cooperation between scientists and the media. The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China clearly stated:”The people’s ideological and moral quality, scientific and cultural quality, and physical and mental health are significantly improved.””Promote the spirit of science and craftsmanship, strengthen science popularization, and create a social atmosphere that advocates innovation.” This sign The work of popularizing science and scientific quality construction has entered a new stage of development. As a brand activity in the field of food safety and health science popularization, the media communication conference on scientific interpretation of food safety and health hotspots has gone through its tenth year this year. In the past ten years, the Chinese Society for Food Science and Technology has organized authoritative experts to conduct scientific interpretations on annual food safety and health hotspots, and spread them widely through mainstream media and new media in the form of”consensus in the food science and technology community”. Use scientific truth and fair suggestions to guide our food safety public opinion to gradually transform into a scientific, objective and rigorous way, and to convey the positive energy of China’s food safety. At the same time, it has also explored a new model of science communication that satisfies the public’s growing demand for high-quality science through a benign interaction between scientists and the media.
   Hao Minghong, the second-level inspector of the Food Safety Sampling Inspection and Monitoring Department of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, said in his speech that the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly stated that “implement a food safety strategy to let the people eat at ease”. After ten years of unremitting efforts, the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology has played a bridging role in the popularization of science and created a platform for “Scientific Interpretation of Food Safety and Health Hotspots” to guide public opinion on science and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. The technological support for safety supervision has played an active role. In the future, it is still necessary to strengthen the construction of basic guarantees for food safety communication, and continuously improve the indicator system, analysis system, release system, response system and re-evaluation system. Efforts should be made to reduce the asymmetry of food safety information and establish an authoritative, centralized and unified food safety information release platform. At the same time, promote the co-governance of food safety and society. Fully rely on the power of societies and associations, third-party institutions, experts, and media to continue to strengthen international cooperation in food safety.
  Ensure double safety of food quantity and quality
  ”‘anti-epidemic’ and’post-epidemic era’ formed two different themes in 2020. During the epidemic, Chinese food companies performed well as a whole, providing high-quality, safe, and healthy food for people living at home. This ability to protect people’s livelihood and release strong production capacity in a short period of time stems from the equipment transformation and health transformation of the Chinese food industry in the past 20 years.” Professor Meng Suhe, chairman of the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology, reviewed 2020 at the meeting. China’s food industry and China’s food safety under the epidemic
  Professor Meng Suhe said that the food industry has become a stabilizer for the continuous development of China’s industrial economy in a sudden environment. The outstanding performance of China’s food industry during the epidemic is the accumulation of the whole industry from the low food safety trough in 2008 to maturity and success after 12 years of climbing.
  ”Our country’s food safety has withstood the test of the epidemic. In addition to ensuring the safety of quantity and supply, more importantly, the food we provide is safe and healthy.” Meng Suhe said that in the early stage of the epidemic, imported raw materials were blocked, In the context of blocked traffic, not fully integrated supply chains, and insufficient return of employees, my country’s food security and food safety are facing strong challenges. Faced with such a strong challenge, China’s food industry is not afraid. The head of the lineup of key food production and operation companies will give full play to its advantages of sufficient raw material reserves, strong strength and reasonable layout, and assume the backbone of ensuring market stability. power. And these companies are the high-quality sectors where China’s food safety industry chain management is fully in place and reassuring, and thus completed the first round of the food industry in the fight against the epidemic in 2020.
  ”We are not in danger and maintain a high level”, she said after comparing the overall situation of the national food safety supervision and sampling inspections in the first three quarters of 2014-2020. She introduced that the overall pass rate in the first three quarters of 2020 was 97.82%, and the overall unqualified rate dropped by 0.06 percentage points year-on-year. In the past, prominent food safety issues have decreased. For example, the substandard rate of food additives”double super” has dropped from 1.8%in 2014 to 0.9%in 2019. Comparing the data from 2014 to 2020, it can be found that the overall pass rate of bulk foods such as milk, eggs, and edible oil is relatively high.
  Four main concerns of public opinion in 2020
   The mainstream media nominated public opinion hotspots collected by the Chinese Society for Food Science and Technology, covering many aspects such as the new crown pneumonia epidemic, food safety, nutrition and health, supervision and management. In the end, the top 10 hot spots were selected according to the number of votes from more than 60 hot spots, forming the main focus of public opinion in 2020.
  Focus 1:Under the epidemic, the focus on food safety is declining, and the correlation between the epidemic and food safety and cold chain food is increasing.
  Focus 2:Food nutrition and health issues related to improving human immunity have received attention.
   Focus 3:”Old issues” put on”new vests”. Security issues that have been interpreted many times before have become hotspots again this year.
  Focus 4:Continuous consumer education and public science popularization in”peace time” gradually alleviated the trust crisis of Chinese consumers in food safety, and formed China’s food safety from”crisis response” to”risk prevention” The steady and calm transition. Among them, the complementary docking between the technology sector and the media has a significant impact.
  Five new features of food safety in the post-epidemic era
   Feature 1:Consumption patterns are changing rapidly, household purchases have become the main focus of consumption, and the habit of online shopping will be maintained. Among the existing Internet celebrity food companies, there are hundreds of unknown processing factories under many corporate brands. Although the survival and innovation consciousness of these small and medium-sized enterprises has activated their product innovation and brought vitality to the food industry, it is also accompanied by the fact that brand companies have not yet put in place the safety control of the industrial chain of these OEM processing enterprises, which is fast and unstable. There are significant risks and gaps. There is an urgent need to consolidate the scientific cornerstone of food safety. The management of online food safety, the establishment of standards and safety system for semi-fresh foods, catering store takeaway products and snack foods, and the entire process of online celebrity food safety control are a worldwide problem that should become food safety in 2021. the key of.
  Feature 2:A new generation of food represented by plant-based meat has formed a pattern of rapid development sought after by the global market due to its healthy connotations, and entered the market on a large scale. In my country, functional foods, plant-based meat products and other future-oriented foods with healthy connotations are still cautiously waiting and watching. The supervision of this type of new foods and related supporting standards and regulations need to be advanced simultaneously.
  Feature 3:The overall food safety situation remains severe. The unqualified rate of sampling inspection of individual food categories is still high. For example, the unqualified rate of catering food was 5.85%, an increase of 0.34%over the previous year, mainly due to microbial contamination. It is worth noting that the three major problems of excessive pesticide and veterinary drug residues, microbial contamination and excessive food additives are still the main problems facing current food safety, and the raw material pollution caused by pesticide residues, drug residues and land pollution is difficult to resolve in the short term.
   Feature 4:The long-term and repetitive situation of public opinion perception is still severe. Mainly reflected in:some old rumors are still very marketable; there are still misunderstandings about food additives; insufficient understanding of some issues that have major food safety risks; some consumers are superstitious about”natural” and”special” foods; Some issues that have already formed scientific knowledge, such as acrylamide, have been transplanted to different industries for a new round of hype.
   Feature 5:The new crown epidemic is not a food safety issue, but the resulting relationship between cold chain food and the new crown pneumonia virus has attracted great attention. my country’s epidemic prevention and control in the cold chain logistics link is facing huge challenges. The safety control of cold chain food and a complete traceability system need to be strengthened.
  Professor Meng Suhe emphasized that 2008 is a key node in the development of China’s food industry. In the past 12 years, the in-depth management of China’s food safety has actually been a process of comprehensive management and system reconstruction to “scrape the bones” of the entire food industry. Under the most stringent and in-place supervision, 12 years of continuous combing have greatly improved the development philosophy, survival methods, development goals and quality of life of the Chinese food industry.
  ”If China’s food industry was like a patient moving forward with heavy burdens in 2008, the long-term management of food safety has consolidated the scientific cornerstone of industrial development.” In Meng Suhe’s view, the food industry in the 2020 epidemic Outstanding performance is the inevitable result of the whole industry’s hard work. This shows that China’s food safety regulatory system and governance model are successful and effective. She also called for the current epidemic to be tightening again, and the new normal of the epidemic is a reality that we must face. It is the life-long duty of food people to maintain the pure land of food safety in China.
Ten years of sharpening a sword to be a watcher of China’s food safety-2020 food safety and health hot scientific interpretation media communication conference held in Beijingimage(1)
   It is understood that this event is the beginning of 2021 by the Chinese Society for Food Science and Technology. With the characteristics of authority, professionalism and third parties, and through the”consensus of the scientific and technological community”, this event will be conducted on the food safety and health hotspots of public concern. Analyze and make efforts to scientifically eliminate rumors about food safety and guide the positive energy of public opinion. At the meeting, the Chinese Association for Science and Technology Scientific Rumor Refusal Platform and the Chinese Society for Food Science and Technology also jointly released the”2020 Food Safety and Health Rumor List”, creating a clear cyberspace with scientific voices.
   Ten hotspot interpretations to convey scientific consensus
  Hot spot 1:Anti-epidemic during the Spring Festival-prevent rebound and control food contamination
  Interpretation Expert:Chen Junshi, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, General Advisor of National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center
  New coronary pneumonia is a respiratory infectious disease, not a food-borne disease. Although there is evidence in China that the transmission of new coronary pneumonia may not only be transmitted from person to person, but also from person to person. For consumers, the chance of such infection is very small; so far, no consumers have been contaminated by purchase or preparation. Reports of infection caused by food. Workers handling imported goods, if preventive measures are not in place, have a greater chance of being infected through material transmission.
   Hotspot 2:Ingestion of poisonous mushrooms-the number one fatal factor of food safety in my country
  Interpretation expert:Wu Qingping, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vice Chairman of Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology, Honorary Director of Guangdong Institute of Microbiology
   my country’s wild mushrooms are widely distributed and have a wide variety of species, which are mixed with a large number of poisonous mushrooms. The so-called folk experience in identifying whether wild mushrooms are poisonous is unreliable. At present, there is no simple scientific method for distinguishing, and there are no specific therapeutic drugs after accidental ingestion of poisoning. Therefore, the most fundamental way for consumers to prevent wild mushroom poisoning is”no Pick, don’t buy, don’t eat”unknown wild mushrooms.”
  Hot spot 3:Rice yeast bacteric acid–the culprit of”sour soup” poisoning
  Interpretation Expert:Liu Xiumei, Honorary Vice President of Chinese Society for Food Science and Technology, Researcher of Institute of Nutrition and Health, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention
   Pseudomonas coconut toxin subspecies fermented rice noodles, produced by the fermented rice noodles, is the chief culprit in causing”sour soup” food poisoning. The high-risk foods for food poisoning caused by Pseudomonas coconut ferment include three categories:homemade fermented cereal products, spoiled white fungus or fungus, and fermented potato products. In order to avoid this type of food poisoning, families or small workshops should carefully produce or try not to produce or sell fermented rice and noodles. Properly purchase and scientifically eat white fungus, fungus and other related foods, and prohibit the sale of fresh white fungus.
  Hot spot 4:Immunity-the primary health needs of consumers in the post-epidemic era
  Interpretation Expert:Ding Gangqiang, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology, Director of the Institute of Nutrition and Health, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  Immunity refers to the body’s ability to defend externally and maintain a stable response to the internal environment. A reasonable diet is the basis and guarantee for enhancing the body’s immunity. In addition, ensuring adequate sleep, exercising moderately and maintaining a relaxed mental state also affects immunity Important factor. In the post-epidemic era, the food industry is guided by national policies and consumer health needs, and by continuously improving the supply of high-quality food nutrition, it will play an irreplaceable role in meeting the health needs of consumers’ immune enhancement.
  Hot spot 5:Plant-based foods-the new trend of healthy eating
  Interpretation Expert:Guo Shuntang, Professor of the School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University; Jiang Lianzhou, Professor of the School of Food Science, Northeast Agricultural University, Academician of the International Academy of Food Science
   With the rise of the human pursuit of health and sustainable development, plant-based foods have been widely favored by consumers and have become the main direction of the future development of the food industry. In order to vigorously promote the rapid development of plant-based foods and satisfy consumers’ new healthy choices, the scientific and technological community and industry should focus on consolidating the scientific and theoretical basis of plant-based foods, carry out technological innovation research, and use technology to further improve the nutritional level of plant-based foods. Meet new demands for health and deliciousness.
  Hot Six:Food Security-Awakening Crisis Awareness and Eliminating Food Waste
  Interpretation Expert:Sun Baoguo, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vice President of China Food Science and Technology Association, President of Beijing Technology and Business University
  The impact of the epidemic has triggered a re-examination of global food security. At present, my country’s food and important agricultural and sideline products are safe and stable. However, in the face of downward pressure on the global economy and profound changes in the external environment, my country’s food security will also face profound challenges.
   It is necessary to strengthen the food security guarantee based on food technology, and accelerate the construction of a higher-level, higher-quality, more efficient and more sustainable food security system. Research and implement the”Grain in Food” project.
  Hot spot seven:live streaming with goods–blocking security loopholes under the hot marketing
  Interpretation Expert:Ma Guansheng, Director of the Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene, School of Public Health, Peking University
   As an emerging traffic economy,    web live streaming has played an active role in promoting economic and social development and satisfying consumers’ sense of gain and happiness. Food is an important product category in live delivery. It is also necessary to clarify the main responsibilities of food safety in the upstream and downstream enterprises of the relevant industry chain, government regulatory agencies, and e-commerce platforms to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Consumers should uphold the concept of rational consumption and purchase products from online shopping platforms that are standardized and credible.
  Hot Eight:Imported Cold Chain Foods-Difficulties and Key Points in Epidemic Prevention and Control
  Interpretation Expert:Li Ning, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology, Deputy Director of the National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment
  The new crown virus may cause pollution to food and its packaging, so it puts forward higher hygiene requirements for the safety of the entire food industry chain. Imported cold chain food and its packaging may become carriers for long-distance cross-border transportation to carry and spread the new crown virus. Therefore, epidemic prevention and control should focus on strengthening the frontier. While strengthening source control, relevant food producers and operators should strictly implement epidemic prevention. Control the responsibility of the main body, and do a good job of defending against”people” and”things”.
   Hot Spot Nine:Norovirus-“Fruit Offenders” Leading to Foodborne Diseases
  Interpretation Expert:Chen Ying, Vice President and Chief Engineer of the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine Sciences; Li Fengqin, Director of the Microbiology Laboratory of the National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment
  Norovirus is one of the main pathogens causing infectious diarrhea in humans, and the epidemic has obvious seasonality. Although norovirus is highly infectious and spreads widely, the infection caused by it is a self-limiting disease. Expert advice:Maintaining good hygiene and eating habits are the most effective measures to prevent and control norovirus infection; report suspected cases in time to strengthen the treatment and management of infected persons; strengthen the supervision and management of employees in food production and operation units.
  Hot ten:Food allergies-the neglected”invisible killer” of food safety
  Interpretation expert:Wu Yongning, Chairman of the Food Authenticity and Traceability Branch of the Chinese Society for Food Science and Technology, Chief Technical Officer of the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center; Chen Hongbing, Dean of the Sino-German Joint Research Institute of Nanchang University, Nanchang University Food Science Professor of State Key Laboratory of Technology
  Food allergy is a global food safety and serious public health problem. At present, avoiding the intake of allergens is the only effective way to prevent food allergies. Implementing a food allergen labeling system is an effective measure to avoid food allergies. At present, my country urgently needs to determine the list of allergic foods based on the epidemiological survey of the Chinese population, and through multidisciplinary collaborative innovation to deal with the food allergies of the Chinese population. Consumers should enhance their awareness of the allergen labeling on food packaging and avoid eating related foods that can cause their allergies.