Teachers of Wuhan Institute of Design and Engineering have made new progress in the research on the formation mechanism of tea cheese
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   News from this website recently, Associate Professor Guo Cheng from the School of Food and Biotechnology, Wuhan Institute of Design and Engineering, published a titled”Role of green tea nanoparticles in process of tea cream formation-A new” in the academic journal Food Chemistry (SCI area 1) Perspective” research paper, studied the interaction between protein, polysaccharides, caffeine and catechins on the formation of tea cheese.
  Tea is one of the three largest non-alcoholic beverages in the world and is widely favored by consumers. However, a cheese-like precipitate formed during the cooling process of the tea beverage not only affects the appearance of the tea beverage, but also destroys the taste and nutritional value.
   This study uses the knock-in and knock-out method to construct a high simulation simulation system for tea soup, and compares the differences in turbidity, particle size, composition and interaction heat of the high imitation system under different Zeta-potential states to reveal the formation of tea cheese The interaction mechanism between quaternary models in the process.
   The research speculates that the interaction between the quaternary models is more obvious in the low Zeta-potential state. On the one hand, because the electrostatic shielding effect reduces the mutual charge repulsion, on the other hand, when the charge repulsion decreases, hydrophobic interactions dominate, resulting in the formation of quaternary aggregates. This research provides new ideas for the formation mechanism of tea cheese, and also lays a theoretical foundation for solving key technological problems in tea beverage processing.
   Link to the paper:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.foodchem.2020.128112