Taiwan releases traceability information items and labeling methods for traceable aquatic products
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   On December 28, 2020, Taiwan’s”Executive Yuan Agriculture Committee” issued Announcement No. 1091349216A for Agriculture and Fisheries, formulating the”Traceability Information Items and Labeling Methods for Aquatic Products”, which will take effect on December 25, 2020. The main contents are as follows:

  1. The agricultural product operator of traceable aquatic products shall, before the circulation and sale of the aquatic product, obtain the following information at the level of the”aquatic product production traceability inquiry system”:name, contact number, and contact address.
  2. The agricultural product operators of traceable aquatic products should paste or overprint the following information on the aquatic product itself, packaging or container when the aquatic product is circulated and sold:”Traceable aquatic product” text, traceability bar code, The applicant’s retrospective number.