Taiwan Region Revises Agricultural Products Inspection and Inspection Measures
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   On January 11, 2021, Taiwan’s”Executive Yuan Agriculture Committee” issued Order No. 1091071682A of Nongliangzi to amend the”Measures for Inspection and Inspection of Agricultural Products”. Main revised content:

  1. The name of the revised measures is”Agricultural Products Inspection and Inspection Measures”;
  2. The competent authority shall conduct inspections or inspections of agricultural product operators in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 12 of this law.
  3. When the competent authority dispatches personnel to perform inspections or inspections, they shall present relevant job certification documents or show sufficient identification marks, and explain the purpose. The execution process must be photographed, recorded or recorded;
  4. The competent authority performs inspections or inspections and may sample agricultural products when necessary;
  5. The competent authority shall make records when performing inspections or inspections of agricultural products. The person in charge of the agricultural product operator or the inspected personnel shall sign or stamp on the records. When they refuse to sign or stamp on the records, they shall Note the reason;
  6. For agricultural product sampling inspection operations, the competent authority shall complete the inspection work within 20 days from the date of receiving the samples;
  7. The inspector or inspector who knows or holds the business secrets of the inspected person when performing the work shall keep it confidential;
   8. When inspectors or inspectors perform inspection or inspection work, their avoidance matters shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Law;
   9. Perform agricultural product inspections and inspections. If violations of other laws and regulations are found, the competent authority shall report to the competent authority for handling.
   The revised measures will come into effect on December 25, 2020.