“Taiping Bujian Tea” group standard officially implemented
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   On January 1, 2021, the”Taiping Bujian Tea” group standard was officially implemented. This group standard is led by the Huangshan District Tea Industry Association, and it was formally implemented on January 1 through procedures such as proposal, project establishment, drafting, solicitation of opinions, and technical review. In the process of drafting and reviewing the standards, we got the guidance and participation of the Standardization Section of Huangshan Market Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Product Quality Inspection Institute. This group standard specifies the terms and definitions of Taiping Bujian tea, product grades and physical standard samples, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, signs and labels, packaging, transportation, and storage.

   Taiping Bujian tea is a new variety of tea developed by tea farmers in Huangshan District in the past ten years. It can be produced in 14 towns and villages in the territory because of its delicate taste and mellow taste, and the price Affordable, there is a great demand in the market. But for a long time, there is no standardized production standard process, because it is similar to Taiping Hukui, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish. The implementation of the new standard has conceptually distinguished Taiping Houkui and Taiping Bujian, so that consumers can see Houkui and Bujian products at a glance, allowing consumers to clearly consume it, and it is a positive development in regulating the production of Taiping Bujian tea. It is of great significance to protect and promote the healthy development of Taiping Houkui tea industry, and it also provides strong support for the high-quality development of the tea industry in Huangshan District.