Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau held an interview meeting with the person in charge of a large supermarket operating imported cold chain food
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  In the face of the recent severe situation of cold chain food testing positive in individual areas, on the afternoon of January 4, 2021, the Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration organized an interview meeting with persons in charge of large supermarkets operating imported cold chain food in the city. Persons in charge of 13 large supermarkets operating imported cold chain food in the urban area and relevant persons in charge of the Yongqiao District Market Bureau attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Wang Fang, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau.

   conveyed the Suzhou City’s New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters”Regarding Strictly Regulating the Purchase, Sale, Storage and Use of Epidemic Measures for Imported Cold Chain Food Announcement (No. 33)” and the “Notice on Further Implementing the Supervision of Cold Chain Food Market” issued by the Provincial Marketing Bureau point out the current problems of various business units in the operation of imported cold chain food. How to do a good job of prevention and control work in one step put forward clear requirements.

  The meeting emphasized that all business units must meet strict requirements. Strictly implement the main responsibility for the prevention and control of imported cold chain food and food safety, and fully implement the import cold chain food reporting system. The”four certificates” are complete, and a special purchase channel for imported cold chain food, special storage, special sales, special personnel responsible, application The Anhui Province imported cold chain food traceability platform will be incorporated into traceability management, coded sales, set up sales accounts, and do a good job of personnel protection; the Yongqiao District Market Bureau must strictly monitor it. It is necessary to strictly manage the operators of imported cold chain foods, standardize the system of requesting certificates and the inspection system of purchase and sales, and strengthen the traceability management of imported cold chain foods. Once it is found to operate imported cold chain foods in violation of regulations, severe penalties will be imposed.

  Through interviews, the persons in charge of the large supermarkets operating imported cold-chain food have a better understanding of the regulations on imported cold-chain food, and at the same time strengthened the management of imported cold-chain food. Quality and safety awareness, responsibility awareness and risk awareness.