Suzhou Dangshan County Market Bureau takes five measures simultaneously to strengthen the food safety supervision of catering services during the”two festivals” period
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   In order to ensure the food safety of the catering service during the”Two Festivals” in 2021, prevent and control the occurrence of major food safety accidents, so that the people can live a happy and peaceful tradition During the festive season, Suzhou Dangshan County Market Supervision Bureau concentrated on carrying out special inspections on food safety in catering services during the”Two Festivals” period.

   One is to implement conscientiously and strengthen organizational leadership. Develop and issue food safety supervision work plans for catering services during the festival, carry out food safety supervision and inspection work for catering service units throughout the county, and increase the focus on food safety supervision during the”two festivals” period to ensure food safety during the festival. problem.

   The second is to increase food safety supervision in catering. Based on the characteristics of catering consumption during the festival and on the basis of daily supervision, the bureau will strengthen the supervision and inspection of key varieties, key units, and key regions during the festival to investigate hidden risks. Supervise and urge catering service units to fully implement the main responsibility for food safety and the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the awareness of the first responsible person, strictly implement the”civil air defense and co-prevention” measures, strengthen the health management of employees, and strictly implement the requirements for certification and ticketing, cleaning and disinfection, etc. A food safety management system.

   The third is to highlight the supervision of import cold chain food users. Combining with the current focus of epidemic prevention and control, the bureau strengthened the supervision of imported cold chain food users, focusing on checking whether they strictly comply with the four certificates and one code registration system required by the provincial and municipal bureaus, and the 24-hour record before arrival, and strictly check the source Imported cold chain foods with unknown or incomplete “four certificates and one code”. The catering service units are required to strictly follow the”Code of Practice for Food Safety in Catering Services”, implement cleaning and disinfection measures for catering utensils, and block the transmission of the virus.

  Fourth is to strengthen food safety supervision and inspection of online catering services. Conduct on-site inspections of the operating conditions of the third-party platform agreement units of the county’s online meal ordering, require them to strictly implement the main responsibilities, and review the licenses of online catering service providers or small catering filing certificates, and shall not operate beyond the scope; online on the homepage The registration information of business licenses and food business licenses of merchants shall be publicized, and a warm reminder of”stop catering waste and cultivate saving habits” shall be made in the bulletin board. Inspections were conducted on whether the online catering service units used food raw materials for certification and ticketing and accounting records are complete, and whether employees possess valid health certificates. Ensure that online and offline catering services have the same standard and quality, and promote the healthy development of the online catering service industry.

   Fifth is to carry out extensive catering food safety promotion. The bureau vigorously promotes the importance of strengthening the supervision of catering services, improves the legal awareness, integrity awareness and responsibility awareness of catering service units, and takes various forms to penetrate various restaurants, primary and secondary school canteens and other units to promote the”Food Safety Law” and” Stop catering waste and cultivate saving habits”,”Public spoons and public chopsticks, CD-ROM action” and”Implement epidemic prevention and control measures, strengthen the main responsibility for food safety-a letter to the county’s catering business units” and other related laws and regulations and catering services Popularize scientific knowledge of food safety, improve the people’s food safety awareness and self-prevention ability in catering services, and strive to create a good public opinion environment.

   Since January of this year, a total of 1,100 law enforcement officers have been dispatched to inspect more than 400 homes of various catering service units, and 17 rectification notices have been issued and issued 800 copies of promotional materials including the Food Safety Law.