Suzhou City intensifies the investigation and handling of cases of mixed sales of special foods and general foods (drugs) and implements special counter sales
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   Since 2020, the Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has intensified special law enforcement inspections for special food business enterprises, and has taken special food (health food, infant formula milk powder) (1, Special medical use formula food) mixed with ordinary food, law enforcement officers shall warn them according to law and require them to make corrections immediately, and administrative penalties shall be imposed on those who fail to make changes within the time limit. During the inspection of law enforcement, the law enforcement officers, based on the principle of “who enforces the law, who popularizes the law”, carried out extensive publicity to special food operators, stating that special foods should be sold in special areas (counters) and marked “health foods are not medicines and cannot be replaced”. Drugs for the treatment of diseases” shall not be mixed and sold with ordinary food or drugs. By the end of 2020, the city had discovered more than 590 problems, ordered 285 rectifications, investigated and handled 301 special food mixed sales cases and other special food-related cases (294 health food cases), and fined 978,570 yuan.