Summary of Food Safety Work in Lu’an City in 2020
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  1. Main achievements of food safety in 2020
   (1) Implement the responsibility of the party and government and strengthen organizational leadership. One is to improve the responsibility system. Conscientiously implement the”Opinions on Deepening Reform and Strengthening Food Safety Work” by the Party Central Committee and the State Council and”Regulations on the Food Safety Responsibility System for Local Party and Government Leading Cadres”. The main responsible comrades of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will take the lead in fulfilling the”Members of the Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee Food Safety Work Responsibility List” The “List of Responsibilities for Members of the Municipal Government’s Leading Group for Food Safety Work” strictly implement the responsibility of the first person responsible for food safety. The municipal party committee and the municipal government formulated the”List of Responsibilities for Several Measures to Deepen Reform and Strengthen Food Safety in Lu’an City”, clarifying the timetable, roadmap and responsible persons for food safety work. At the same time, the Municipal Party Committee incorporated food safety work into the inspection and supervision of county and district party committees, and further improved the responsibility system of food safety with the same responsibility for the party and government, one post with two responsibilities, joint management, and dereliction of duty. The second is to carefully study and deploy. The meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and the Executive Meeting of the Municipal Government specially listened to the food safety report from January to July 2020, studied and solved outstanding food safety problems, and clearly included the major deployment of the central and provincial food safety work into the supervision of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. . The municipal government issued the”Lu’an City Food Safety Priority Work Arrangements in 2020″, revised and improved the”Lu’an City Food Safety Incident Emergency Plan”, and held the second and third full (expanded) meetings of the Municipal Food Safety Committee and the city’s food Safety demonstration creation work site meeting. The main responsible comrades of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government shall serve as the directors of the Municipal Food Safety Committee, implement the”double director system” of food safety leadership, conduct special research on food safety work, strengthen the leadership of the city’s food safety work, and make every effort to ensure the food safety of the people. In charge of the comrades in charge of researching and supervising food safety supervision work for many times, listening to reports on food safety work in the city, giving instructions on key food safety work, and putting forward specific deployments and requirements; also listening to special reports on agricultural product quality and safety work to ensure good food Requirements for the quality and safety of agricultural products. The third is innovation to promote implementation. Give full play to the unified leadership role of the Municipal Food Safety Commission to promote the implementation of the city’s food safety work. Timely adjust the scores of the county and district government’s 2020 target assessment food safety items, the scores have been adjusted from 2 to 4, and the score weight is 2.67%(the provincial test score weight is 2%). All counties and districts have individually included food safety in the assessment scope of the township government’s goals, with a score of more than 2%. Actively give play to the leading and coordinating role of the Municipal Food Safety Commission to carry out emergency drills for food safety emergencies in Lu’an City and Yu’an District in 2020. In the early stage of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Municipal Food Safety Office promptly issued the”Emergency Notice on Prohibition of Group Dining Activities in Rural Areas” to completely prohibit group meals. Relying on the”four members” of township (street) food safety, a total of 4,900 banquets were suspended. More than 63,000 tables. A meeting of directors of the Municipal Food Safety Office (Expanded) was held, the”Work System of Lu’an Food Safety Committee Office” was issued, and the Supervision Office of the Municipal Party Committee (City Government) carried out county and district food safety inspections. To consolidate and improve the results of standardized construction of township food safety offices, and on the basis of summing up the city’s experience in the standardized construction of township food safety offices since 2017, the Municipal Food Safety Commission formulated and issued the “Regarding Strengthening the Construction of Township Food Safety Committee Offices and Their Classification Management” this year.”Guiding Opinions”, the first in the province to carry out standardized construction of township food safety offices and”star” classification management. Gradually establish a new management model of “standard management, innovation leadership, and typical demonstration” (divided into one-star, two-star, and three-star) management models. Currently, 100 township (street) standardized food safety offices have been established, and village-level food safety promotion There are 1,200 stations and 4021″four members” of food safety are employed. Effectively promote the application of the smart supervision system of the township food safety office, and continuously improve its food safety coordination and comprehensive supervision level. This work has been highly affirmed by the leaders of the provincial food safety office and exchanged at the provincial food safety coordination work business training meeting.
   (2) Adhere to key management and control, and improve management. Detailed implementation of the”Lu’an City Food Safety Priority Work Arrangements in 2020″, and actively carry out the construction of food safety assurance projects. The first is to carry out a special rectification of the quality and safety of edible agricultural products,”the sword” action. Issued the”Lead Sword” Action Plan for the Special Rectification of Agricultural Product Quality and Safety in Lu’an City in 2020, and the”Notice on Promoting the Connection of the Production Area of ​​Edible Agricultural Products Certificate and Market Access” to further strengthen the management of the production area of ​​edible agricultural products and fully implement it The edible agricultural product certification management system, in-depth implementation of the special rectification”sword” action for edible agricultural products. Organized special rectification of poultry and egg safety, and completed 35 batches of poultry and egg supervision and sampling. As of the end of November, the city has dispatched 10051 law enforcement personnel, inspected 8,322 production and operation enterprises, and investigated 32 cases (1 transferred to the judicial authority), including 6 cases related to illegal slaughter of pigs, and 3 illegal pig slaughtering dens were destroyed. 7 cases of egg and poultry farms failing to use veterinary drugs and establishment of breeding files, 18 cases of operating animals that should be quarantined according to law (4 cases of egg and poultry farms), and 1 case of selling peaches that did not meet safety standards . The accumulated fines amounted to 370,896 million yuan. In late October, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Henan Province came to our city on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to inspect the National Nong’an County and the”Sharp Sword” operation, and highly affirmed the work development of our city. Jinzhai and Huoshan carried out the”double substitution” project for tea and other foods, which was fully recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The second is to carry out food safety enhancement actions in the production process. Carry out the city’s food production enterprise standard improvement action, formulate a plan, hold a promotion meeting, complete the standard improvement of 200 food production enterprises, complete the traceability system construction of 25 food production enterprises, and the registration rate of small food production workshops has reached 100%. Carry out special rectification of key varieties of food production enterprises, and conduct special inspections on 316 enterprises involving 10 types of food. Full coverage inspection of 12 health food manufacturers. The third is to carry out the promotion of special food counters. Combining with the special actions to investigate the food safety risks of solid beverages such as”Benmin”,”Shuer”, compressed candy, substitute tea, etc., organize and carry out activities such as special food business unit special counter operation concentration commitments and posting warnings, and vigorously develop special foods Operation promotion of special counters. As of mid-December, the city has built 160 special food business special counter demonstration stores, including 31 municipal demonstration stores and 10 provincial demonstration stores. The fourth is to carry out special rectification actions for summer food safety. Earnestly implement the spirit of the province’s summer food safety rectification video conference, set up a leadership group, and formulate a rectification plan, focusing on cold dishes, decorated cakes, raw seafood, etc., focusing on the flood season, the Dragon Boat Festival, the high school entrance examination, the academic level examination, In key periods such as the national judicial examination, comprehensive rectification was carried out around the Yangtze River ban on arrests. During the special rectification action, the city dispatched 26,577 law enforcement personnel, inspected 12,248 food producers and operators, investigated 447 hidden risks, ordered rectification of 378 households, filed and investigated 125 cases, closed 106 cases, and confiscated 175 kg of illegally produced and operated food. Banned 8 unlicensed businesses. The fifth is to carry out food safety protection activities around the campus. Organize the joint action of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau, the Municipal Health Commission, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and other departments to conscientiously implement the”Guiding Opinions on Implementing Main Responsibilities and Strengthening Campus Food Safety Management by the State Administration of Market Supervision” and”Campus Food Safety Guardian Action Plan (2020-2022)”, issued the”School Food Safety Supervision Implementation Plan for the Spring of 2020″, supervised the implementation of campus food safety responsibilities, and established 4 inspection teams to conduct on-site inspections in counties and districts under the jurisdiction of the city Supervise. As of mid-December, the city has dispatched a total of 12,470 law enforcement personnel to inspect 5,468 food business units in school canteens and surrounding campuses, investigate hidden food safety hazards and urge rectification of more than 418 items, and seize over the warranty period,”three noes”, corruption and deterioration, etc. 33.82 kg of unqualified food, 130 rectification notices were issued, 1 unlicensed and unlicensed business household was banned, and 14 illegal cases were investigated and dealt with. The sixth is to carry out standardized governance actions for the edible agricultural product market. Organize and carry out special inspections on food safety in edible agricultural products wholesale markets, and intensively interviewed three agricultural product wholesale markets, Xishang, Zizhulin and Siyuan, and urged and guided them to implement their main responsibilities. The city’s edible agricultural product centralized trading market has been organized and filed. Up to now, the city’s edible agricultural product centralized trading market has established a file rate of 100%. Organized and carried out the edible agricultural product rapid testing skills competition, and won two second prizes in the provincial bureau competition finals. Seven is to carry out special clean-up and rectification actions in the health food industry. Seven departments including the Municipal Food Safety Office, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, and the Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly issued the”Lu’an City Health Food Industry Special Cleanup and Rectification Action Plan (2020-2021)”, and held a special health food industry cleanup and rectification The action promotion meeting jointly launched a special clean-up and rectification action for the health food industry. The city dispatched 2,693 law enforcement personnel, inspected 2,326 health food production and operation entities, distributed 6,593 health food science popularization materials, and filed and investigated 20 related cases. The eighth is to promote the construction of an important product traceability platform. The important product traceability system platform was completed at the end of October this year, and completed the docking with the provincial platform to realize data collection and upload, and enter the trial operation stage. This work has entered the province’s first phalanx.
   (3) Persist in demonstration and lead, strengthen demonstration creation. The first is to establish a provincial-level agricultural product quality and safety county. In April this year, Yeji District successfully created the fourth batch of agricultural product quality safety counties in Anhui Province. The four counties and three districts of our city have successfully created agricultural product quality safety counties above the provincial level (Jinzhai County is a national agricultural product quality safety county). The second is to develop food safety demonstration counties. Conscientiously implement the deployment and requirements of the Provincial Food Safety Commission, convene the second (expanded) meeting of the Municipal Food Safety Commission, and comprehensively deploy and carry out the creation of the”Provincial Food Safety Demonstration County”. In November, Shucheng County has completed the”Provincial Food Safety”Safety Demonstration County” declares work. The third is to carry out the “four creations” of food safety. Comprehensively consolidate the results of food safety demonstration creation, give full play to the leading and leading role of demonstration, and introduce the”Implementation Plan for the Creation of Integrity Demonstration Workshops and Food Production Workshop Concentrated Demonstration Zones in Lu’an City in 2020″, and hold a promotion meeting for the establishment of a food production workshop concentration demonstration zone Cum training meeting to promote the creation of small workshops in the city. The establishment of small food workshops in Gubei Town of Jinzhai County and Hanbaidu Town of Yu’an District has been affirmed by the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau. All counties and districts have created 16 catering quality and safety blocks, 14 standardized farmer’s markets, 9 safe meat and vegetable demonstration supermarkets, 70 integrity demonstration workshops, and 2 small workshop concentrated demonstration areas. The Wanda Plaza catering block in Jin’an District was assessed as a 2019 provincial catering quality and safety block by the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau. The catering block of Yuboyuan, Jinzhai County is striving to create the”2020 Provincial Food and Beverage Quality and Safety Block”. The fourth is to carry out the information construction of food safety and people’s livelihood projects. Vigorously implement the”Internet + supervision” construction of the fast inspection room for the farmer’s market. The”Internet + supervision” of the city’s food safety quick inspection room has been completed and put into operation, which has greatly improved the fast inspection efficiency of the fast inspection room. Actively carry out the activities of”you point me for inspection, you send me for inspection”, focusing on the detection of pesticides, veterinary drug residues,”clenbuterol” and other items, and timely announcement of the test results to prevent substandard food from entering the market and flowing into the”vegetable basket” of the people. The fifth is to promote the construction of”Internet + Video Kitchen” in school cafeterias. More than 25 million yuan was invested at the city and county levels to build an “Internet + video kitchen” supervision system covering the city’s primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. Currently, the municipal-level campus canteen food safety supervision platform (Haikang Convergence Platform, AI algorithm server) has been deployed and 11 The video transformation and networking of municipal schools have been completed. Jinzhai County has achieved full coverage of”Internet + Video Kitchen” for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, and other counties will achieve full coverage of”Internet + Video Kitchen” by the end of 2020. The sixth is to develop a civilized dining table. Focusing on the task of creating civilized and sanitary cities across the country, combined with the functions of the member units of the Municipal Food Safety Commission, the Municipal Food Safety Office takes the lead in coordinating and coordinating and promoting the creation of a civilized dining table in the city. Focus on the establishment of civilized dining tables, civilized pharmacies, civilized markets, and civilized and honest business households. Enhance the connotation of the creation of a civilized dining table, and promote the in-depth development of activities such as”Public spoons and chopsticks, CD operations”,”Fasting game, fearing life”, and”Civilized and healthy, you and me walking together”. More than 30,000 table stickers, table cards, and posters have been posted. Copies.
  (4) Adhere to risk prevention and improve supervision efficiency. One is to continuously improve inspection and testing capabilities. Since the beginning of this year, 8.6 million yuan has been invested in the purchase of special equipment to promote the expansion of food inspection parameters in an orderly manner. 155 new inspection parameters covering rice, grain, oil, wine, tea, etc. have been added, and the inspection capabilities have been greatly improved. We strengthened the inspection of the origin of agricultural products, and built 413 sets of rapid inspection systems for the safety of agricultural products in 134 towns. By the end of November, 82,206 items of rapid inspection data were uploaded, with a pass rate of 99.9%. The second is to strengthen food safety sampling during the epidemic prevention and control period. Formulate the”Special Supervision and Sampling Plan for Key Foods During the Prevention and Control of the”New Coronary Pneumonia” Epidemic in 2020″, and conduct 100 batches of 25 fine foods including rice, noodles, oil, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits and fresh aquatic products Sampling. Strengthen the supervision and random inspection of the quality and safety of livestock products in the slaughter process, and carry out a total of 960 batches of supervision and random inspection of”clenbuterol” veterinary drug residues in the slaughter process of pigs, cattle and sheep. Completed 2,646 samples of imported frozen products and packaging involving salmon, problematic batches of frozen shrimp, Brazilian frozen octopus, and frozen pork, 5,372 non-imported frozen products, 8347 external environmental samples of frozen products, and 4807 samples of frozen product practitioners , All nucleic acid tests were negative. The third is to timely issue and complete food safety supervision and sampling tasks. The city and county invested more than 10 million yuan for food safety supervision and sampling. 14439 batches of food safety sampling tasks for 2020 were issued in time (including 1098 batches of provincial transfer payments, 4160 batches at the city level, and 9181 batches at the county level). Up to now, all tasks of provincial transfer payment, city and county food safety sampling inspections have been completed. The fourth is to carry out food safety risk monitoring. The Food Safety Risk Monitoring Plan of Lu’an City in 2020 was issued and food safety risk monitoring was actively carried out. Medical institutions in the city that carried out food-borne disease diagnosis and treatment activities reported a total of 4457 food-borne disease monitoring cases and completed 260 pathogenic biological specimen detection , 11 positive pathogenic bacteria and 18 noroviruses were detected. The Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has successively issued the”Municipal Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Routine (Risk) Monitoring Plan of Lu’an City in 2020″ and”Lu’an City’s 2020 Agricultural Product (Plant Industry Products) Quality and Safety Special Monitoring Plan”. The city has completed the sampling inspection of edible agricultural products Lot 3912. In carrying out the annual municipal level agricultural product quality and safety routine (risk) monitoring and special monitoring, timely follow-up supervision and spot checks were carried out for the problems found, and the farms involved were punished in accordance with the law. The fifth is to strengthen the hierarchical management of food safety risks. Strengthen the supervision of high-risk enterprises, and implement risk inspections on more than 30,000 food enterprises in the city at a prescribed frequency, with inspection coverage reaching 100%. Strengthen food safety emergency management, and properly handle 15 food safety public opinion incidents. The sixth is to increase the intensity of investigation and handling of food safety violations. From January to November this year, the city investigated and dealt with a total of 616 food-related violations, with a total value of 1.146 million yuan and fines of 7.433 million yuan. A total of 15 food-related criminal cases were transferred by law enforcement agencies and public security agencies, and 11 cases have been solved. 18 criminal coercive measures were taken and 18 were transferred to the procuratorial organ after the investigation. The seventh is to carry out the special action of”Yangtze River ban on fishing for ten years. Conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Jin Ping’s important instructions on the”Yangtze River ban on fishing for ten years”, hold a special deployment meeting, formulate action plans, and launch a city-wide special operation to combat market sales of illegally caught fish in the Yangtze River Basin, and have carried out two concentrated operations. For the action, many counties and districts have been supervised and inspected, and all counties and districts have successively carried out concentrated actions and special inspections. The city dispatched 9,773 law enforcement personnel, inspected 8,933 business households of various types, posted and distributed 13,043 publicity materials, monitored 769 online e-commerce platforms, investigated and dealt with 12 illegal cases involving fishing bans, and removed shop signs and shop signs. 2 pcs. Eighth is to strengthen cold chain food supervision and normalize epidemic prevention and control. In order to prevent the risk of the new crown pneumonia virus being imported through imported cold chain foods, in November, the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters established a cold chain food supervision team, and issued the”Notice on Immediately Carrying Out the Investigation and Registration of Imported Cold Chain Food Enterprises” to provide information to the city’s cold chain Food producers and operators have carried out”full coverage and no omissions” investigation and registration. Strictly implement the reporting system for imported cold chain food. Comprehensively promote the use of the”Anhui Province Cold Chain Food Traceability Platform”. 1074 cold chain food producers and operators in the city have registered on the platform. Since December 10, 2020, the”first stop code” management will be implemented. Up to now, the entry Imported cold chain food receipt account information 61 pieces, about 89,000 kg.
   (5) Strengthen publicity and guidance, and a strong atmosphere of co-governance. One is to carry out extensive publicity. Created the”Market Supervision in Action” brand publicity TV column, exposed cases of violations of laws and disciplines, and publicized typical deeds. Since the beginning of this year, 11 episodes have been broadcast, 17 episodes have been broadcast, which aroused strong response in the society. Incorporate food safety into the city’s law and science promotion plan, and actively carry out food safety promotion week, food safety”six entry” and other theme publicity activities. The municipal government’s political hotline, departmental website, WeChat official account and other media were used to strengthen publicity, and to increase the intensity of information disclosure such as inspections, random inspections, and punishments, and more than 38,000 publicity materials were distributed. The second is to implement the main responsibility. Strengthen publicity and guidance, publicize integrity units, expose untrustworthy companies, and force companies to implement their main responsibility for food safety. Guide and urge food production and operation enterprises to establish a food quality and safety traceability system. Actively promote the implementation of the edible agricultural product origin and market access system to ensure the traceability of edible agricultural products. The third is to strengthen social supervision. A seminar on the work of social supervisors was held to give full play to the food safety publicity and supervision role of the 55 market supervision and management social supervisors. Strengthen industry self-discipline, strengthen contact and communication with industry associations, formulate unified industry standards and codes of practice, and build a platform for information communication and sharing. The fourth is to strengthen training and guidance. Organize the city’s township (street) food safety office directors’ food safety comprehensive coordination business training class to further improve the grass-roots food safety coordination ability and business level. Fifth, open complaint channels. Give full play to the role of 12315 food safety reporting and complaint platform, and focus on answering questions and solving concerns for the people. As of December 18, the city has accepted and handled 2,584 complaints, reports and inquiries concerning food from the masses, all of which have been resolved, and everything has been responded to.
  Second. Problems and shortcomings
   First, food safety is still under great pressure. The city’s food safety supervision work has many points, wide coverage, long lines, insufficient supervision and other issues are still very prominent. Although the investment in personnel and funds has been increased, food safety work meets the deployment requirements of the provincial party committee and government and the people’s It is hoped that there is still a certain gap, especially under the current conditions of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the difficulty and work pressure of food safety supervision will further increase. Second, the people’s satisfaction with food safety needs to be improved. The people’s awareness and participation in food safety needs to be further improved, the depth and breadth of food safety publicity needs to be further improved, the public’s food safety awareness needs to be further strengthened, and the atmosphere of food safety social co-governance needs to be further strengthened. Third, the construction of a food safety traceability system needs to be promoted. There are many small and medium-sized enterprises in the food industry. The food safety awareness and common sense of employees generally need to be improved. The establishment of a food safety traceability system from farmland to table requires a lot of manpower and material resources, and most companies cannot afford it. It is urgent to establish a unified provincial food quality system traceability electronic platform .
  3. Work plan for 2021
   One is to further implement food safety responsibilities. Continue to thoroughly implement the”Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Deepening Reforms and Strengthening Food Safety Work”, strictly implement the”Regulations on the Food Safety Responsibility System for Local Party and Government Leaders”, further strengthen the responsibility for territorial management of food safety, and comprehensively promote the responsibility of the party and government to improve Improve the food safety responsibility system that”local governments take overall responsibility, regulatory departments take their respective responsibilities, and enterprises as the first responsible person”.
   The second is to further consolidate the foundation of grassroots supervision. In accordance with the”Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Office Construction and Classification Management of Township Food Safety Committees”, formulate specific work plans, actively implement star rating and classification management of township food safety offices, and further strengthen township food safety organizations, systems, and positions to effectively promote Intelligent supervision of food safety. Strengthen the responsibility of food safety territorial management, build a solid food safety supervision network, and effectively improve the ability and level of grassroots supervisors.
   The third is to further strengthen the prevention and control of food safety risks. Adhere to the bottom line of food safety, continue to strengthen normalized epidemic prevention and control, continue to implement risk-based management, strengthen daily supervision, and improve supervision efficiency. Strengthen the construction of inspection and testing capabilities, and strengthen the emergency response to food safety emergencies. Vigorously carry out special rectification of food safety, and strive to solve the weak links in the food market supervision work and the prominent problems reported by the masses.
  Fourth is to further promote the creation of food safety demonstrations. Continue to carry out the standardized construction of food safety in the farmer’s market, the establishment of catering quality and safety blocks, the construction of a meat and vegetable demonstration supermarket, the establishment of a small honesty demonstration workshop and a concentrated demonstration area for small workshops, and guide Shucheng County to strive to create a “provincial food safety demonstration county”.
   The fifth is to further severely punish food crimes. Strengthen the coordination and collaboration of market supervision, agriculture and rural areas, and public security departments, strengthen the efficient connection between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice, and establish a good communication and coordination mechanism. Severely crack down on food violations in accordance with the law, implement the requirements for direct penalties for producing and selling counterfeit products and”punish people” for violations, and maintain a high degree of deterrence against food safety violations.
   The sixth is to further promote the construction of social co-governance. Vigorously carry out food safety publicity and training, and effectively strengthen consumers’ food safety awareness. Revise and improve the food safety rewarded reporting system and the food safety “whistleblower” system, improve the people’s awareness of food safety rights, unblock 12315 reporting and complaint channels, and give full play to the incentive and guiding role of rewarded reporting in strengthening food safety supervision. Increase information disclosure, strengthen food safety credit supervision, strengthen media supervision over food safety, respond to social concerns in a timely manner, and strive to create a good public opinion environment and social governance atmosphere for food safety.