Suihua City Market Supervision Bureau comprehensively deploys catering quality and safety improvement actions
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   In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and instructions on coordinating the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, as well as ensuring food safety and preventing food waste, promote catering To serve the modernization of the food safety governance system and governance capabilities to ensure the health of the people and the safety of their diets, the Suihua City Market Supervision Bureau deployed and carried out actions to improve food quality and safety.

   Recently, the Suihua City Market Supervision Bureau held a meeting to comprehensively deploy the catering quality and safety improvement actions.

   The conference clearly took”smart management” as a breakthrough,”categorized supervision” as the forerunner, insisted on problem-oriented, scientific supervision, pragmatic and effective, and improved long-term system and mechanism. Decipher the key and difficult issues of food safety in catering services, comply with consumers’ safe and healthy catering consumption needs under the premise of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, promote development with regulation, promote transformation with development, and effectively enhance the people’s access to food safety in catering services Sense of happiness, sense of safety, and work goals.

   The meeting decided to focus on personnel training, strengthen inspections and sampling tests, and strive to solve the problems of standard operation of employees and improvement of the ability of food safety administrators; focus on the kitchen after catering , Highlight the inspection of key areas, focus on solving the problem of dirty and messy catering environment; focus on the purchase inspection, supervise the catering unit to fulfill the purchase inspection record obligation, and focus on solving the problem of food safety responsibility traceability; focus on the cleaning and disinfection of catering equipment, strengthen supervision Detecting and law enforcement cases, focusing on solving the implementation of the food safety system; focusing on promoting “clear kitchens and bright stoves” and encouraging reporting, strengthen social governance, implement incentive measures, improve the efficiency of reporting complaints, and focus on solving the problem of non-implementation of main responsibilities Five key tasks.