South Korea’s imports of frozen rays fell by 57%year-on-year in November last year
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According to news from FiS on January 4, South Korea imported 249 tons of frozen rays in November last year, a decrease of 57%from 576 tons in the same period last year. The cumulative import volume in the first 11 months was 5791 tons, an increase of 42 tons from 4,083 tons in the same period last year.%.

   The average import volume from 2015 to November 2020 was 541 tons. The import volume in November 202 was 54%lower than the average.
  The import value of frozen rays was US$1.01 million, down 62%year-on-year, and the average import price was US$4.05. The main suppliers were Argentina, the United States, Uruguay, Japan, New Zealand, China, Norway, Chile and Canada.
  The import volume of each country in November last year is as follows:
  -Argentina:3447 tons, accounting for 60%;
  -United States:1065 tons;
  -Uruguay:279 tons;
  -Japan:257 tons;
  -New Zealand:205 tons;
  -China:204 tons;
  -Norway:135 tons;
  -Chile:91 tons.