South Korea releases draft amendments to the”Liquor Tax Law Enforcement Decree”
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  Food Partner Network News On January 7, according to Korean media reports, the Ministry of Planning and Finance of South Korea issued a draft amendment to the”Liquor Tax Law Enforcement Order”. The main contents are as follows:
   Nitrogen is added to the materials that can be added to alcohol.
   The condiments that are not subject to the liquor tax are specifically defined as foods with a non-volatile content of 30 degrees or more added in the cooking process of other foods.
   For beer and turbid alcohol whose quantity is the tax standard, in order to balance the tax with distilled liquor and other alcohol whose price is the tax standard, a price linkage system has been introduced to prevent excessive alcohol tax reduction.
   At the same time, it also formulated specific fines for unreasonable exemption of liquor tax and determined the amount of fines.
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