South Korea Issues Partial Amendments to the Implementation Rules of the Food Sanitation Law
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  Food Partner Network News On December 31, the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) issued a partial amendment to the”Food Sanitation Law Implementation Rules”, the main contents of which are as follows:
  1. It is clearly stipulated that in islands and remote areas, new operators who have difficulty in receiving food hygiene education can use information and communication media to complete distance education, and can use educational materials used by previous operators and salespersons.
  2. Those who want to operate casual catering shops, general catering shops, pastry shops, or want to use an external place connected to the business place as a business place user, must show a document certifying the proper use of the external place; If the food provided by the catering business operator contains foreign objects such as parasites or blades, the administrative penalty will be increased.
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