South African beer industry calls on the government to relax the prohibition
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  According to a report by South African News 24 hours on January 6, the South African Beer Association (BASA) recently issued an emergency statement calling on the President to relax the prohibition on January 16. The association pointed out that in order to ensure that wine companies can tide over the difficulties, it is necessary to relax the prohibition. The two previous prohibitions have had a major impact on the beer industry, which is expected to cause the loss of 7,400 jobs, loss of sales of 14.2 billion rand and 7.4 billion in taxes.”The Association noticed that South Africa is facing a severe epidemic situation and that the people are facing a difficult situation in the fight against the epidemic. We support the government’s measures to reduce the infection rate, but hope to ensure people’s livelihood in the fight against the epidemic.” South African Craft Beer Association (CBASA) CEO Wendy pointed out that the government’s third prohibition on alcohol is a huge blow to the craft beer industry. Related members have repeatedly explained to the association the difficult situation they are facing, saying that most companies are unable to maintain operations.