South Africa plans to revise the quality standards for frozen shrimp and crab products
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On December 31, 2020, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Competition of South Africa issued Announcement No. 2020-744 through the No. 44048 Government Gazette. One of the contents is to revise the”Quality Standards for Frozen Shrimp, Sea Shrimp and Crab Products” (standard No. SANS 788 Ed1.4) for comments. The main contents of the revision include:

  1. Revise the bio-sanitary standards for frozen shrimp and crab products of each processing type (ready-to-eat or non-ready-to-eat, with or without heat treatment or fermentation, seasoning, etc.) in section 5.4;
  2. Delete Annex A, which is the requirement for products to indicate consumer purchase information.
  The solicitation period for this announcement is until February 5, 2021.