“Small mill sesame oil small workshop production specifications” group standard is released and implemented
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   On December 30, 2020, the Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration approved the release of the”Small Mill Sesame Oil Workshop Production Standards” group standard for formal implementation. This group standard is in accordance with the requirements of the Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration’s”Letter on Issuing the Plan for the Development of Suzhou Local Standards in 2020″. It is led by the Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration and the Suzhou Food and Drug Inspection and Testing Center of Anhui Province to organize Suzhou City Eight companies including Yongqiao District Guanhu Xiaomo Sesame Oil Processing Co., Ltd., Dangshan County Wumiao Fragrant Oil Workshop, Dangshan County Yijia Oil Workshop Anhui Dayuan Cereals and Oils Co., Ltd. participated in the drafting, and were reviewed and approved by Suzhou local standard review experts and released for implementation. . In the process of drafting and reviewing the standards, we listened to and absorbed the opinions and suggestions of relevant experts from Suzhou City Health Commission, Suzhou City Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Suzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences. This group standard specifies the terms and definitions, basic requirements, production sites, equipment and facilities, raw and auxiliary materials management, production process control, product identification, product storage and transportation and sales labels, product inspection, recall management, etc. The blank in the group standards of the small mill sesame oil industry in our province is of great significance to leading sesame oil processing enterprises to improve technology and technology, expand the market, and expand the influence of Anhui small mill sesame oil.