Six Hunan Provincial Local Standards of the Vegetable Institute of Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences passed expert review
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   December 29-31, 2020, the Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Administration organized the Standardization Association, Hunan Agricultural University, the Institute of Subtropical Agro-Ecology and Environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and experts from our institute The Vegetable Institute and its cooperative units undertook the drafting of”Technical Regulations for Climbing Field Cultivation and Seed Production of Winter Gourd”,”Technical Regulations for Pollination of Winter Gourd Seed by Bumblebee in Nethouse Seed Production”,”Technical Regulations for Production of Chili Tidal Seedlings”,”Technical Regulations for Cultivation of Chili Peppers in Open Fields A total of 6 local standards were reviewed,”Technical Regulations for Disinfection of Vegetable Soil in Facility Greenhouses”, and”Technical Regulations for Propagating Landrace Bitter Gourd Varieties”.

  The expert group listened to the preparation instructions of the person in charge of each standard, carefully reviewed the standard text materials, and discussed and discussed the content of the standard text item by item. The expression and format were further standardized. Finally, an agreement was reached:the compilation of the six standards complied with the relevant national laws and regulations and the compilation of Hunan Agricultural Technical Regulations. It is recommended that the standard compilation unit should be revised and perfected in accordance with the standard review opinions and submitted to the Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Administration for approval and release.