Sichuan Nanjiang County Market Supervision Bureau successfully handled a complaint of pork parasites
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   Recently, the Nanjiang County Market Supervision Bureau of Sichuan received a complaint. Some people claimed that she bought at the pork stall on the second floor of the Hongsimen Farmers’ Market on December 8, 2020. I paid 6,000 yuan for pork, and found that there were parasites in the pork during the period of consumption, and requested treatment.

   The interests of the masses are nothing trivial. After receiving consumer complaints, the Nanjiang County Market Supervision Bureau attaches great importance to it. The bureau’s party group and administration immediately convened the relevant department personnel to study and consult Relevant professional knowledge, develop a detailed investigation and handling plan.

   On the afternoon of January 5, 2021, a joint investigation and handling team led by the Nanjiang County Market Supervision Bureau, assisted by the County Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, and the respondent participated in a joint investigation and handling team 6 The complainant went deep into the complainant’s home to conduct investigation and processing. The investigation and processing team announced to the complainant the “Food Safety Law”, “Consumer Rights Protection Law” and other laws and regulations and relevant handling policies, and carefully asked the complainant about the matter, whether he had eaten it or not. After eating, the experts of the County Agriculture and Rural Bureau carefully checked and analyzed the pork on the spot, and finally confirmed that there are no parasites in the pork, most of which are the blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, seminal membranes and other structures of pigs. , Because some of the similar substances themselves look like worms, so inexperienced consumers will mistake these things for parasites. The expert thus dispelled the complainant’s concerns and allowed him to eat with confidence. The expert also explained to the complainant on the spot what parasites are, how to buy pork and other common sense, and reminded them to go to the regular market to buy pork instead of mobile vendors.

   In the next step, the county bureau will always uphold the goal of satisfying the masses, continue to adhere to the purpose of facilitating, benefiting, and helping the people, and taking the people’s worries as their mission, While focusing on solving the demands of the masses, we regularly analyze and judge their opinions and suggestions, and based on the most concentrated hotspots, focal points and difficult issues they reflect, improve and enhance the service level of the Market Supervision Bureau, and actively respond to what they think Whatever we want, we will solve the needs and difficulties ahead of time, realize the transition from passive service to active service, from the”post-event supervision” that solves specific problems to the”pre-service” that comprehensively improves the quality of people’s life, and strive to create”consumption rights protection” It is a connecting line of listening to the people’s sentiments, resolving people’s worries, and obeying public opinion.