Sichuan Daheng 799 broiler supporting system passed national approval
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   Recently, the Daheng 799 high-quality broiler supporting line jointly developed by Sichuan Academy of Animal Husbandry Science and Sichuan Daheng Poultry Breeding Co., Ltd. after more than 10 years passed the national examination and approval. This is the second broiler supporting line approved by the state in Sichuan Province during the”13th Five-Year Plan” period, and it is also the third broiler supporting line approved by the state in Sichuan Province so far.

   With the continuous support of the provincial crop and livestock breeding research plan, the Daheng 799 broiler supporting line has undergone nine generations of genetic selection, and has been cultivated to grow fast and green. A high-quality broiler supporting line with foot hemp feather as the main feature. This matching line is a three-line matching system. The three pure lines are mainly bred from local chicken breeds. Commercial broiler chickens not only maintain the high-quality flavor and appearance traits of local chicken breeds, but also greatly improve the production performance. The parental generation has high reproductive performance, and the commercial generation has a fast growth rate. Its uniformity, survival rate, feed-to-meat ratio, appearance traits, meat quality and flavor are generally favored by the market. It is determined that the number of eggs produced by the parental generation of the matching line at 66 weeks is 189, which is 6.2%higher than that of the Tianfu broiler line; the weight of the commercial 10-week-old rooster is 2.668 kg and the hen is 2.269 kg, which are higher than the Tianfu broiler line. 6.3%, 11.6%. The commercial generation chicks of this matching line can separate sexes by feathering speed, and the rate of identifying male and female by feathering speed reaches 99.3%. Its parental generation cock has fast feathering and hens have slow feathering, and commercial cock has slow feathering and hens have fast feathering. This not only guarantees the welfare of animals, reduces the stress caused by artificial anal turning on the chicks, but also greatly reduces the cost of seed production in the parent-generation chicken farms, which has obvious market competitive advantages.