Shuozhou City strictly investigates food safety hazards and launches a 100-day campaign to focus on food safety
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   In order to further strengthen food safety supervision and resolutely hold the bottom line of preventing systemic and regional major food safety incidents, the Shuozhou City Market Supervision Administration will From January to the end of February 2021, the”Hundred-Day Action for Centralized Food Safety Remediation” will be carried out throughout the city.

   The goal of this operation is to comprehensively investigate the hidden dangers of food safety risks of food production and business units, and resolutely crack down on illegal activities such as the production and sale of counterfeit and inferior, toxic and harmful foods, and investigate and deal with them Exposing a number of major and important cases and improving and perfecting the long-term supervision mechanism have significantly improved the order of the food market in Shuozhou.

  ’s centralized rectification action focuses on hot foods such as dairy products, meat products, infant formula milk powder, online foods, etc., which are of high public concern; market markets , Shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, urban and rural areas, etc., with central kitchens, collective meal distribution units, school canteens, chain catering companies, etc. as key units, with”New Year’s Day”,”Spring Festival” and”Lantern Festival” as the key time periods. Focus on rectification efforts to ensure that the”Hundred-Day Action” achieves practical results.

   In the next step, the Shuozhou Supervision Bureau will adopt various forms of extensive publicity, further strengthen supervision and inspection, and increase penalties for operators whose main responsibility is not in place Strength; further orderly carry out assured food self-commitment activities, promote food sellers to actively implement the main responsibility of food safety, and make every effort to ensure the safety of the general public.