Shuozhou City Market Supervision Administration Shuozhou City overfulfilled the task of food sampling inspection
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  According to the overall deployment of food safety sampling and monitoring in 2020, to ensure that the food sampling volume of the market supervision department at the end of the”13th Five-Year Plan” reaches 3 batches per thousand people According to the actual situation, the Shuozhou Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau will scientifically formulate a food sampling inspection and monitoring plan, follow the”four strictest” as the fundamentals, take the discovery of food safety issues as the guidance, and supervise the sampling inspections, verification and disposal, and information release. As a guarantee, the linkage is strictly implemented to supervise the sampling inspection work responsibilities, and the task is successfully completed and exceeded. The sampling inspection volume has reached”4.6 batches per thousand people”, which effectively protects the safety of the people on the tip of the tongue.

  As of December, 8140 batches of food safety sampling tasks have been completed at the city and county levels, with a completion rate of 152.09%. In the whole year, the city level completed sampling inspections of 2003 batches (including 912 batches of provincial transfer tasks), 23 batches of unqualified samples, and the unqualified rate was 1.15%; county-level sampling completed tasks of 6137 batches (including 1733 batches of Shuocheng , Pinglu District 867 batches, Shanyin County 992 batches, Yingxian County 1033 batches, Huairen City 1187 batches, Youyu County 325 batches), 57 batches of unqualified samples, the failure rate was 0.93%.

   For unqualified foods found in random inspections, the market supervision departments of all counties (cities, districts) in Shuozhou strive to complete the verification and disposal tasks on time, and conduct timely consultations and risks Assessment. At the same time, do a good job in the publicity of random inspection information, publish relevant information in the column of the municipal government’s official website, and publish the random inspection information in the national sampling system, and make every effort to do a good job in food safety sampling.