Shaoxing City’s Xinchang whole chain promotes cold chain food physical defense work
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   In order to strengthen the control of the entire chain of high-risk cold chain foods and make every effort to promote the construction of the “Zhejiang cold chain”, the Xinchang County Market Supervision Bureau appoints elite soldiers and assigns responsibilities to individuals Establish a regular meeting system to ensure the effective operation of the working group, each perform its duties, and close cooperation, and effectively transform the epidemic prevention and control from”preventing people” to”preventing people together.”

   is the carpet-style touch row. Strictly implement the”full control and no omissions” closed-loop management requirements for imported cold chain food, dynamically and comprehensively identify high-risk cold chain food-related units, continue to strengthen supervision, and establish key products and key subject accounts. At present, the county has 21 farmers’ market operators, 4 shopping malls and supermarkets, 2 small grocery stores, and 37 catering units operating imported cold chain food, and there are 3 food production companies using imported cold chain food raw materials.

   The second is to tighten supervision. Intensify the supervision of the use of the”Zhejiang Cold Chain” APP, the implementation of main responsibilities, and food safety management, and implement a list system for imported cold chain food related entities. For imported cold chain food that has not been affixed with the”cold chain food traceability source code”, and has no quarantine inspection certificate, nucleic acid test certificate, or disinfection certificate, it is required that no purchase, storage, transportation, sale, use, production and processing are allowed. So far, 2,766 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched, 2,773 supermarkets and non-staple food stores, 808 farmer’s markets, 594 catering service units, 46 cold storages, and 6 campus distribution companies.

   The third is extensive publicity. Provide “one-to-one” guidance to high-risk cold chain food production and operation units, and urge them to perform code scanning, code assignment, storage and delivery of imported cold chain foods in accordance with the requirements of the regulations. More than 230 business guidance has been carried out, 100 business units have been activated by the”Zhejiang Cold Chain” APP, 2142 times of cold chain food codes, and 5,612 times of code scanning. At the same time, the requirements for closed-loop management of imported cold chain foods were widely publicized through multiple channels, and citizens were encouraged to monitor cold chain food epidemic prevention and control behaviors by dialing 12345.