Shanxi:Adhere to the”132″ mentality and vigorously promote the construction of the traceability system
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   In recent years, Shanxi Province has adhered to the principle of “high station, solid foundation, demonstration, and promotion”, adhered to the “132” work mentality, and centered on one main line. Focusing on three key points, deepening two grasping points, and vigorously promoting the construction of agricultural product quality and safety traceability system, it has laid a solid foundation for the high-quality development of agriculture.

   1. Focusing on a main line, the province’s traceability system construction will be promoted as a whole

  Shanxi Province has always focused on the main line of comprehensively improving the quality and safety of agricultural products, focusing on changing the supervision method and coordinating the construction of the traceability system. The construction of Shanxi Province’s agricultural product quality and safety supervision and traceability information platform has been completed, and the “one-line” management of agricultural product quality traceability across the province has been realized. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Shanxi Province issued the”Notice on Accelerating the Construction of Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Traceability System”,”Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Traceability of Agricultural Product Quality and Safety in 2020″, and”Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Traceability Management of Key Production Subjects such as Chinese Medicinal Materials. Arrange and deploy key tasks, further implement the retrospective linkage method, and take a key step in the construction of the retrospective system.

   Second, focus on three key points, and earnestly grasp all tasks to be fully completed

   One is to establish a complete list of subjects. Various parts of Shanxi Province have actively carried out the registration of production entities to consolidate the main responsibilities of producers. There have been 2,779 entities registered on the national platform, and the registration rate has been increasing. Adhere to key demonstrations, give full play to the role of the golden signboard of agricultural product quality and safety counties and the demonstration effect of”three products and one standard”, identify 40 agricultural product quality and safety counties in the province and the main body of”three products and one standard” as breakthrough points, and build them into a trial and traceability certificate The vanguard of work.

   The second is the coordinated promotion of traceability and certification. Promote traceability with certificate of conformity, promote supervision with traceability, and comprehensively improve the quality and safety of agricultural products. The edible agricultural product certification service platform was officially launched and fully integrated with the provincial traceability platform. The issued certification has an automatically generated traceability QR code, which can meet the certification requirements of different types and different packaging of agricultural products. In order to facilitate the use of printed certificates for small farmers, the operation has been simplified, so that small farmers can print their certificates without registration, and they have improved their awareness of traceability and their enthusiasm for trial certification.

   The third is to speed up platform docking applications. In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Shanxi Province is actively planning and accelerating the promotion, researching and formulating the”Shanxi Province Traceability Platform and National Traceability Platform Interconnection Plan v2.0″, and organizing technical units to accelerate the docking of national platform development units. At present, the docking work between the provincial traceability platform and the national traceability platform in Shanxi Province has been completed, the business integration development image progress has reached 100%, and all interfaces have been tested and tested, leading the country.

  3. Deepen the two grasping hands and make efforts from both production and supervision ends at the same time

   First, continue to focus on the retrospective pilot construction. In order to expand the coverage of traceability and solve the problem of traceability of the”last mile”, relying on the creation of rewards and subsidies for provincial safety counties in Shanxi Province, gradually expand and strengthen the construction of provincial certification demonstration sites. In recent years, Shanxi Province has completed a total of 657 demonstration sites, equipped with rapid test equipment, certificate printing integrated machines, etc., with a total investment of 12.434 million yuan.

   The second is to pay close attention to the assessment and the implementation of the”four hooks” opinions. Shanxi Province has incorporated the retrospective work into various assessments such as food safety assessment and quality work assessment to promote it. At the same time, further implement the retrospective linking method. When carrying out major agricultural and rural creation certification, agricultural product certification, agricultural brand selection and agricultural exhibitions, first review whether retrospective management is implemented, mobilize the enthusiasm of production entities to participate in retrospective, and effectively increase the retrospective coverage.