“Shaanxi Cold Chain” imported cold chain food traceability platform settled in the State Council client
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   On January 6th, after reviewing the new media platform of the General Office of the State Council,”Shaanxi Cold Chain” successfully entered the”Cold Chain Food Traceability Service Zone” on the client side of the State Council. The registration application of imported cold chain food enterprises in Shaanxi Province provides a new way of access.

   The State Council Client is a new media platform for the General Office of the State Council China Government Network to publish government information and provide online services. It mainly publishes major decisions and deployments of the State Council and important policy documents, the State Council Government affairs information such as important activities of leading comrades is also a new channel for the government to provide services to the society and interact with the public. This time the”Shaanxi Cold Chain” entered the client of the State Council, taking advantage of the large audience and information authority of the State Council’s news media platform to provide strong support for the promotion and popularization of”Shaanxi Cold Chain”.

  ”Shaanxi Cold Chain” since its operation on December 2, 2020, has adopted the construction model of”three terminals, one code and one platform” and the”first bank code, The operating mode of “codes in the first station, one code is universal” has achieved the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. It has realized the prevention and control of the characters, and the chasing of the characters. It has provided effective prevention and control of the imported cold chain food epidemic in our province. Regulatory measures and safeguards.