Seven departments of Jiangsu Province cooperate and jointly promote the special clean-up and rectification actions of the health food industry
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   Since June 2020, the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has jointly deployed seven departments including the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Provincial Health Commission, and the Provincial Radio and Television Bureau. Two years of special clean-up and rectification actions in the health food industry.
   Since the launch of the rectification action, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has strengthened organization and collaboration, established a departmental liaison mechanism, and strived to form a joint rectification effort, and comprehensively promoted the special clean-up and rectification actions for the health food industry. The provincial market supervision departments at all levels earnestly perform their duties, clarify their responsibilities, be problem-oriented, strictly implement work arrangements and requirements, focus on the key points of rectification, strengthen the supervision of health food production and operation, severely crack down on health food fraud and false propaganda, and strengthen science propaganda , Improve public awareness, and strive to purify market order. As of the end of December 2020, the province has inspected 40,400 health food production and operation units, ordered 1926 rectifications, and banned 3 unlicensed enterprises; carried out 806 publicity activities with 67,405 participants; the provincial market supervision department A total of 101 cases of various types of health food violations were filed and handled, involving 71.228 million yuan and 1.938 million yuan of fines.