Sell ​​toxic weight loss products in Moments! Sentenced!
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  Getting a beautiful figure through weight loss products is the choice of many beauty lovers today. The huge profits brought by this trend have also prompted many lawbreakers to take risks.

   Recently, the Quyang Court sentenced the defendants Xue Moumou and Chen Moumou to 10 months’ imprisonment, suspended for one year, for the crime of producing and selling toxic and harmful food. A fine of 3,000 yuan was imposed, the illegal gains were recovered in accordance with the law, and the two defendants were prohibited from engaging in food production, sales and related activities during the probation period. At the beginning of 2019, the defendant Xue Moumou purchased”DLCOFEE”,”Gold Coffee”,”ASCOFE”,”Vanilla Ice Cream Milk Foam” and other weight loss products from others, and promoted and sold them in his own circle of friends. Later, the defendant Chen Moumou bought the”vanilla ice cream milk foam” from the defendant Xue Moumou for promotion and sales in his own circle of friends. On July 1, 2020, the Quyang County Market Supervision Administration seized 13 boxes of”vanilla ice cream milk foam”, 20 bags of”dream coffee” and 7 bags of”magic thin” in the house where the defendant Chen Moumou was rented. ,”NICE coffee” 8 bags,”pink pills” 120 capsules. After inspection, toxic and harmful ingredients were detected in four weight loss products:”Vanilla ice cream milk foam”,”Dream coffee”,”magic thin” and”NICE coffe”:Sibutramine. Sibutramine has the dual effects of suppressing appetite and enhancing metabolism, and was first used to assist in the treatment of obesity. But its side effects are large, which can cause the heart rate to increase, the blood pressure to increase, and in severe cases, it can lead to stroke or even death. In view of the above situation, the former State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice on October 30, 2010 to stop the production, sales and use of sibutramine preparations and APIs in my country, and it is not allowed to add them to food.

   Quyang Court held that after trial, the defendants Xue Moumou and Chen Moumou, in order to seek illegal gains, knew to sell without obtaining relevant business license qualifications. The weight-loss products contained toxic and harmful non-food raw materials, and they were still sold for profit. Their actions constituted the crime of selling toxic and harmful food. According to the defendant’s criminal facts, the nature of the crime, the circumstances and the degree of harm to society, The above judgment was made in accordance with the law.

   Here, the judge reminded that everyone has a heart for beauty, but weight loss should also be adjusted through exercise and diet. If you want to take shortcuts, you will often pay for health. At the price, the promotion of this”shortcut” may violate the criminal law and pay the price of freedom.