Russia has planned an Antarctic krill fishing project
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   From Intrafish December 29, the Russian fishery agency Rosrybolovstvo is implementing a large-scale national plan for krill fishing in Antarctica, which will be implemented in the next three to five years.

   At the end of last year, the Russian fishery research ship Atlantis explored Antarctica’s krill population for the first time after a 17-year suspension. According to scientific estimates, the biomass of krill in this area is now higher than 17 years ago.
  Rosrybolovstvo head Ilya Shestakov said that in the next four to five years, about 300,000 tons of krill can be harvested.
   To achieve this goal, Rosrybolovstvo expects to build three to five new vessels for fishing in Antarctica. At present, three Russian fishing giants have confirmed their plans to fish Antarctic krill, including Norebo Holding, Russian Fishing Company (RFC) and Kamchatka’s V. Lenin Fishing Collective Farm.
  Norebo Holding said that there is now a design technology for a new type of krill fishing vessel, which comes from abroad, but is very suitable for the requirements of Russian maritime registered ships. The new design is also suitable for the further construction of large ocean trawlers, such as mackerel, herring and cod.
  The new krill fishing boat can be the beginning of Russia’s construction of a series of trawlers under the project. The new boat will be built and put into use within the next five years.
  Norebo Holding pointed out that the current problem is the need to solve the problems of krill production, marketing, logistics, and ship operations. Russia has left the krill fishery for a long time.
  Russian Fisheries Company (RFC) also believes that the fishing and marketing of Antarctic krill has a bright future and is conducting in-depth research on it. The company is aware of all the risks:from the challenge of building unique ships, organizing logistics in Antarctica, to fishing operations in remote Antarctica, RFC companies need to solve some complex problems.