Runfeng shares will launch two fungicides to prevent soybean diseases in Paraguay
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  World Agrochemical Network Chinese website:Recently, Rainbow Paraguay (Runfeng Paraguay) revealed that it will launch two fungicides Picpro and Polestar Mixx to prevent and control soybean diseases in Paraguay this year.

  Asian rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi) is the most important disease affecting soybean cultivation in Paraguay. In addition, the infection rate of end-stage diseases such as leaf spot, brown spot, fusarium wilt, gray spot and leaf spot is relatively low, but it will also cause crop yield reduction, so attention should be paid to it. These diseases will form a complex long-term disease incubation period and potential pathogenic factors for crops, that is, the symptoms of early infection are not as obvious as other diseases, so it is difficult to control.
  Picpro is a systemic bactericide, containing high concentration of methoxylated acrylates (picoxystrobin) and triazole thione (prothioconazole) active ingredients, the dosage form content is 20%+17.5%(375 gia/Lt). The product has both preventive and therapeutic effects. The recommended dosage is 400 ml per hectare.
  According to Rainbow Paraguay, the main features of Picpro include”Excellent prevention and control of rust and EFC disease; a combination of two high-efficiency active ingredients that can be transmitted to the top through the xylem; fast onset and long residual effect; strong resistance to rain erosion, The recommended dosage will not produce phytotoxicity.”
  Polestar Mixx is a ternary compound multi-site fungicide water dispersible granule, containing 8%trifloxystrobin, 4%ciproconazole and 60%chlorothalonil. The product is a systemic contact-killing fungicide, which has preventive, therapeutic and healing effects. The recommended dosage is 0.75 kg per hectare.
  Rainbow Paraguay stated that the features of Polestar Mixx include”ternary compounding agent, multiple action sites, easy to use; broad spectrum of disease control, such as soybean rust, stem blight, pod blight, mold and EFC disease ; Fast onset of effect, long residual effect period; multiple action sites, strong resistance to rain erosion, and low risk of resistance.”