Ruijin salted duck eggs have local standards
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  Recently, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued the Jiangxi Provincial Local Standards Announcement. The local standard for Geographical Indication Products Ruijin Salted Duck Eggs (DB36/T1354-2020) drafted by our city will be formally implemented on July 1 this year. It marks that Ruijin Salted Duck Egg has a formal local standard.
  ”Geographical Indication Products Ruijin Salted Duck Eggs” was proposed by the Market Supervision Bureau of Ganzhou City, and drafted jointly by the Market Supervision Bureau of Ruijin City, Ruijin Rentian Town Liao Granny Salted Duck Eggs Professional Cooperative and other units. The standard stipulates the definition of Ruijin Salted Duck Eggs, The scope of protection of geographical indications, the technical and hygienic requirements for production and processing, and the craftsmanship are applicable to Ruijin salted duck eggs within the scope of protection of geographical indications. This standard will play a positive role in regulating the quality of Ruijin salted duck eggs, enhancing brand awareness, and strengthening the protection of landmark products.
   It is reported that Ruijin Salted Duck Eggs was protected by National Geographical Indication Products in 2018. In recent years, Ruijin has taken”Ruijin Salted Duck Eggs” as the city’s main supporting industry, and successively issued the”Implementation Opinions on Vigorously Developing the Egg Duck Industry”, etc. A series of policy documents, based on the”Grandma Liao Salted Duck Eggs” brand,”Ruijin Salted Duck Eggs” has become a pillar industry leading local farmers to get rid of poverty and become a characteristic industry for targeted poverty alleviation.