Report price hikes and fabricate price increases, the highest reward is 5000 yuan!
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   Shijiazhuang City Market Supervision Administration About

   During the epidemic prevention and control period

  Interim Measures for Reporting Rewards in the Field of Market Supervision

   In order to further strengthen market supervision during the epidemic prevention and control period, severely crack down on various market violations, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people and a good market order, according to relevant Laws, regulations and relevant regulations have formulated these measures.

  1. Reward scope

   These measures are applicable to the city’s market supervision and management department accepting reports from the public (hereinafter collectively referred to as “reporters” and should be natural persons) during the epidemic prevention and control period. The following illegal acts within the scope of responsibility will be rewarded accordingly after the case is verified and the case is closed:

  1. Driving up prices, hoarding, fabricating and spreading price increase information, disrupting market order;

  2. Meat that has not been quarantined or failed quarantine, or meat products that have not been inspected or failed to pass inspection;< /div>

  3. Manufacture or sell drugs or prepare preparations without obtaining the”Drug Production License”,”Drug Distribution License” or”Medical Institution Preparation License”;< /span>

  4. Production and sale of counterfeit masks, disinfection and other epidemic protection products;

  5. Sales and storage have not obtained”one single three certificates” (ie customs clearance documents, nucleic acid test certificates, disinfection certificates, inspection and quarantine certificates) import cold chain Food;

   6. Illegal sale of smuggled food and articles.

   2. Reporting method

   can call 12315 to report the report, or report to the district (county) market supervision department.

   3. Reward conditions and standards

  1. Reward reporting should meet the following conditions:there is a clear target and specific illegal facts or clues to the violation, and relevant evidence is provided; the reported matter is verified to be true; The content of the report has not been controlled by the market supervision department in advance; the reporter provides the real name and effective contact information.

  2. Reward standard:If the reported matter is a minor violation and does not cause social impact or adverse consequences, a reward of 500 yuan will be awarded; the reported matter is a serious violation , And cause certain social impact and adverse consequences, a reward of 2,000 yuan; if the reported matter is a major illegal act and causes serious social impact and adverse consequences, a reward of 5,000 yuan.

  3. Reward determination:If two or more reporters report the same case with the same clue, the first time the reporter is rewarded; two or more reporters jointly report In the case of the same case, the award will be distributed according to the same case award standard; the informant will not repeat the award for reporting the same matter.

   Fourth, the informant’s information shall be strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed. If the whistleblower reports falsely, once verified, legal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

   5. The Shijiazhuang Market Supervision Administration is responsible for the interpretation of these measures.

   VI. These Measures shall be implemented from the date of promulgation, and shall be valid until the day when the prevention and control of the epidemic in our city is terminated.

   January 9, 2021