Qinghai released the first phase of random inspection information in 2021, this batch of condiments detected food additives
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  Food Partner Network News On January 12, the Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Administration released the No. 1 food safety sampling information in 2021, and detected 1 batch of food that did not meet the food safety standards.

   sampling information shows that the unqualified products are produced by Lanzhou Yousufu Halal Food Co., Ltd., which is sold by the nominal manufacturer in Jiezi Tuoquan Seasoning Workshop in Xunhua Hengwei seasoning, production date is 2019-05-05, specification model:90g/bag, tested by Zhongpu Anxin (Qingdao) Testing Technology Co., Ltd., sodium cyclamate (calculated as cyclohexyl sulfamic acid) does not meet GB 2760 -2014″National Food Safety Standard Food Additives Use Standard” regulations.

  Sodium cyclamate is also called sodium cyclamate, usually refers to the sodium or calcium salt of cyclamate. Cyclamate is a commonly used sweetener, and its sweetness is 30-40 times that of sucrose. If consumers often eat foods with excessive sodium cyclamate content, they will cause damage to the liver and nervous system due to excessive intake, especially for the elderly, pregnant women, and children with weak metabolic detoxification capabilities.

   There may be several reasons for the unqualified sodium cyclamate in food:a) The operator does not understand the requirements of food additives laws and regulations to increase products The sweetness, over-range or over-limit addition. b) Cross-contamination between the production line of products that can be added with cyclamate and the production line of products that cannot be added with cyclamate c) Improper control of the production process of the enterprise, insufficient fermentation, and artificial addition to adjust the taste.

   For the batch of foods that did not meet the food safety standards found in random inspections, the Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has requested the relevant Haidong City Market Supervision Bureau Food safety standards and their producers and operators shall be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law, and foods that do not meet the food safety standards shall be recalled from the shelves, and the enterprises shall be further urged to fulfill the responsibility of the first person responsible for food safety, and the relevant information shall be recorded in the food safety of food producers and operators. Credit file.

Unqualified product information

Serial number Sampling number Nominal manufacturer name Nominal manufacturing company address Name of sampled unit Address of sampled unit Sample unit province Food name Specification model Unqualified items║inspection result║standard value Production date/batch number Classification Announcement number Announcement date Inspection agency Task source/project name Notes
1 GC20630000163930728 Lanzhou Yousufu Halal Food Co., Ltd. No. 1, Liujiabao, Gongjiawan Village, Pengjiaping Town, Qilihe District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province Jiezi Tuoquan Seasoning Workshop in Xunhua County Jiezi Sancha Market, Xunhua County, Haidong City, Qinghai Province Qinghai Hengwei seasoning 90g/bag Sodium cyclamate (calculated as cyclohexyl sulfamic acid)║4.98g/kg║≤0.65g/kg 2019-05-05 Condiments [2021] No. 1 2021.1.11 Zhongpu Anxin (Qingdao) Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Administration/2020 General Administration Transfer Supervision Sampling Plan
(Source:Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Administration)< /span>

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