“Qinghai Province’s”14th Five-Year Plan” High-quality Development Plan for Wolfberry Industry” passed expert review
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   On December 28, 2020, the”Fourteenth of Qinghai Province” was compiled by the Agricultural Layout and Regional Development Innovation Team of the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The Five”High-quality Development Plan for Wolfberry Industry” (the”Plan”) passed the review by an expert committee organized by Qinghai Forestry and Grassland Bureau in Xining.

   The Expert Committee is composed of 10 specially invited experts and representatives from Qinghai Province’s administrative departments, scientific research institutions, associations and enterprises. Wang Zhanlin, Qinghai Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences The researcher serves as the chairman, and the researcher Ma Shizhen from the Northwest Plateau Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhang Gengquan, the senior engineer of Qinghai Forestry and Grass Planning and Design Institute, serve as the deputy directors. Researcher Luo Qiyou, on behalf of the planning team, reported on the main content of the”Plan”, such as the background significance, competitive advantage, shortcoming constraints, overall strategy, spatial layout, key tasks, key projects and safeguard measures. The Expert Committee fully affirmed and highly praised the”Plan”, and believes that the”Plan” is based on the Qinghai Plateau’s characteristic advantages, and is oriented towards the development of the entire national industry chain. It is built with”high ecological safety, high production efficiency, high value-added chain, and market The high-quality development framework system of the wolfberry industry with”high advantages, high-tech driving and high cultural empowerment” as the core is in line with Qinghai’s reality and is systematic, forward-looking, innovative and operable, and agreed to pass the review.