Qinghai province health food clearance and renewal work started
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   In order to further promote the health food clearance and renewal work in the province, according to the deployment requirements of the Health Food Clearance and Renewal Work Coordination Committee of the State Administration of Market Supervision, Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Bureau A kick-off meeting for the cleanup and renewal of health food in the province was organized recently. A total of 31 persons in charge of 30 enterprises holding health food approval certificates in the province attended the kick-off meeting.

   The meeting conveyed the spirit of the National Health Food Cleanup and Renewal Work Coordination Committee, and pointed out the problems of health food manufacturers involved in the cleanup and renewal work in our province , Answered the enterprise’s questions in detail, and guided the enterprise to carry out the clearance and renewal work. At the same time, requirements were put forward for the province’s health food clearance and renewal work. The first is to effectively improve the quality and safety of health food; the second is to strengthen the orderly connection between registration filing and the supervision during and after the event; the third is to implement the main responsibility for food safety of health food producers and operators and the supervision responsibility of local departments, and strictly control the registration and production of health food Permit entry; fourth, strictly follow the existing laws, regulations and standards, and clean up and rectify the health foods in production and sale that have been approved in history as”the validity period of the certificate and the product technical requirements are not specified” according to the requirements of the General Administration.

   In the next step, our bureau will further improve the political position, enhance the awareness of responsibility, performance and service, and continuously improve the special food supervision capabilities, and comprehensively promote our province Health food clearance and renewal work.