Qianshan City, Anqing strongly launched a special action for joint law enforcement on imported cold chain food
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In order to further strengthen the supervision of cold chain food and implement the prevention and control measures of imported cold chain food epidemics, from December 10 to December 28, Qianshan City will be managed by the Market Supervision Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, the Transportation Bureau, the Health Commission, and the Bureau of Commerce. , Urban Management Bureau and other 6 departments formed a cold chain food joint law enforcement team to carry out a special joint law enforcement action on imported cold chain food throughout the city.

   The first is to focus on the key points and apply force precisely. The special inspection focuses on units engaged in the storage, transportation, processing, circulation, sales and use of imported cold-chain food; the focus is on whether cold-chain food operators operate imported cold-chain food, and whether imported cold-chain food has customs declaration procedures, import and export Whether the inspection and quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test report, disinfection certificate, etc. have been reported to the market supervision department.
   The second is careful planning and multiple measures. The city has made careful arrangements to combine daily inspections with irregular surprise inspections, law enforcement and case handling and policy publicity to ensure a stable situation in the prevention and control of imported cold chain foods. At 3 o’clock in the morning on December 22, the joint law enforcement team dispatched more than 20 law enforcement officers to conduct surprise inspections on the Chengbei Wholesale Market and Tianzhu Vegetable Market, inspecting more than 10 cold chain warehouses and 1 transport vehicle.
   The third is law enforcement and case handling, with outstanding results. The special operation inspected a total of 133 cold chain food businesses, of which 31 were engaged in imported cold chain food, 9 illegal operations were found, involving 529.2 kilograms of cold chain food, which are currently under further investigation and processing, of which 1 is suspected of operating The clues to the smuggling of imported cold-chain food cases and a case of operating imported cold-chain foods that did not comply with the regulations and soliciting tickets were transferred to the public security department.
   In the next step, the city will continue to increase the supervision and law enforcement of imported cold chain food, form a closed-loop management, cut the transmission of the new crown virus through imported cold chain food, and most effectively protect the lives and health of the people.