Promote the high-quality development of the billion-dollar market-Zhang Gong, director of the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration, talks about hot market issues in 2021
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   There are hundreds of millions of market players in my country. In the first year of the”14th Five-Year Plan”, it is of great significance to improve and perfect the regulatory rules that adapt to mature markets.

  How to build a unified, open, and orderly competitive national market? How to ensure food and drug safety and improve the quality of products and services? The reporter had a dialogue with Zhang Gong, director of the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration on the above issues.

  Resolve the”difficulties in quasi-operation” of market entities

   During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China’s business environment has been greatly improved. The average start-up time of enterprises has been reduced from over 30 days to 4 days. Within. During the”14th Five-Year Plan” period, what practical measures will the market supervision department take to further optimize the business environment?

   Zhang Gong said that during the”14th Five-Year Plan” period, the reform of the commercial system will move from solving the”difficulties in access” to market players into a period of tackling”difficulties in access to operations” . Promoting the reform of the commercial system with the”two lists” and”four types of methods” as the main content will provide market players with a fairer, more transparent, standardized, convenient and predictable business environment.

  ——The list of enterprise-related business license items that have been successfully piloted in 18 pilot free trade zones will be formed into a national list, which will be replicated and promoted throughout the country.

  ——To adapt to the needs of deepening reform and building a high-standard market system, conduct greater reform and exploration in the pilot free trade zone, and form a new”free trade experiment” District version” list.

  ——For the business license items included in the list management, the four methods of direct cancellation of approval, approval to record, implementation of notification commitments and optimization of approval services are classified and advanced Reform and promote the realization of”no approval outside the list” and”full coverage of the four types of methods” for business license matters involving enterprises.

  ——On the basis of fully realizing the”one network connection” throughout the country, intensify the promotion of”cross-provincial connection” and improve the standardization level of enterprise establishment. Vigorously promote the cross-level, cross-field, and multi-scenario application of electronic certificates, and continuously improve the facilitation of business establishment.

  ”The market is the scarcest resource in the world, and it is also a resource for development.” Zhang Gong said that the market supervision department should continue to optimize marketization, rule of law, and internationalization. The business environment, as an important focus of the service construction of a new development pattern, further activates the endogenous power of the market, stimulates the vitality of market players and enhances the competitiveness of participating in the dual cycle, and continuously enhances the attractiveness of the Chinese market.

  Maintain and promote fair market competition

   Regarding”promoting fair competition” and”building a unified market”, what new measures does the market supervision department have in this regard?

   Mr. Zhang said that whether it is a large domestic cycle or an international and domestic double cycle, it is inseparable from a unified, open, and orderly competitive market system. In 2020, the State Administration of Market Supervision will pay close attention to new developments and issues in the market, actively respond to strong social concerns, regard the maintenance and promotion of fair market competition as an important focus of market supervision, and continue to increase enforcement of anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition. Clearly released a strong signal that neither online nor offline can become a place outside the antitrust and anti-unfair competition laws.

   Gong Zhang introduced that the market supervision department will focus on the key tasks of “strengthening anti-monopoly and preventing the disorderly expansion of capital” deployed by the Central Economic Monopoly and anti-unfair competition duties. Adhere to the”three equal emphasis”, continuously improve supervision capabilities, accelerate the improvement of competition governance, and strive to create an institutional environment for fair competition.

  ——Adhere to the legal standard and support the healthy development of the standard. Support the innovative development of all types of enterprises, support the healthy and standardized development of the platform economy, treat all market entities equally, carry out law enforcement in a fair and impartial manner, and ensure that various market entities participate in market competition fairly. At the same time, pay close attention to new trends and problems emerging in the market, and cooperate with other industry regulators to jointly prevent some enterprises from using data, technology, and capital advantages to cause competition disorder risks.

  ——Insist on treating the “effect” and treating the “cause” equally. Regarding the”effects” of monopoly, it is necessary to increase supervision and law enforcement in accordance with law. At the same time, it is necessary to pay more attention to controlling the”cause” at the source and treating the”cause” in the process. By improving the market access system, strengthening the review of fair competition, actively strengthening the coordination of industry supervision, promoting the coordination of industrial policies and competition policies, and comprehensively implementing policies to form a joint force, we strive to build an effective and orderly competitive market structure.

  ——Adhere to both supervision and law enforcement and system construction. We must not only pay attention to anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition law enforcement practices, but also pay attention to building a long-term mechanism to maintain fair competition. While strengthening law enforcement, speed up the improvement of market competition rules, especially the accelerated revision of the anti-monopoly law, speed up the introduction of anti-monopoly guidelines in the field of platform economy, online transaction supervision and management measures, and improve the rules on platform enterprise monopoly identification and consumer rights protection .

   hit the safety supervision combination punch

  Guaranteeing food and drug safety and improving the quality of products and services are issues that people are very concerned about. In response to the most immediate and practical interests of the people, what new measures will the market supervision department take?

  ”Ensure the health and safety of 1.4 billion people’s three meals a day and the effective safety of medication.” Zhang Gong said, with the strongest sense of responsibility and strictest Regulatory measures, continuously improve safety markings, and resolutely hold the bottom line of safety. During the”14th Five-Year Plan” period, we will focus on the areas of food and drug production, distribution, and operation, and focus on strengthening special supervision, corporate credit supervision and smart supervision, starting from the trivial things around the people, and hitting a combination of food and drug safety supervision.

   Mr. Zhang said that quality issues are a strategic issue for my country’s economic and social development, as well as a livelihood issue closely related to the daily lives of ordinary people.

  Statistics from the General Administration of Market Supervision show that the quality of products and services in my country has been continuously improved, among which the qualified rate of manufacturing products has reached 93.86%, and the quality of key service industries and public services is satisfied Stable in the”relatively satisfactory” range.

   Mr. Zhang said that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, during the in-depth implementation of quality improvement actions, it is necessary to focus on key areas, key products, key industries, and key industries. Projects, to strengthen overall quality management, but also to pay attention to the improvement of the quality of daily consumer goods and life services around the people, and continuously promote the improvement of the overall level of quality.

  ”Quality is produced and managed, and it is also a result of market competition.” Zhang Gong said that improving the overall level of quality requires both The main body of the market, as the supply side, works hard to see the best. It also requires the whole society, all walks of life and consumers as the demand side to jointly supervise and choose the best and discard the poor. The government needs to strengthen supervision and actively guide.