Pingxiang City Market Supervision Bureau organizes special supervision and sampling inspections for the Spring Festival food in 2021
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   The 2021 Spring Festival and Lantern Festival are approaching. In order to timely investigate food safety risks, resolve hidden food safety hazards, and maintain market order and food safety during the festival, the Pingxiang City Market Supervision Bureau recently organized a special supervision and random inspection of food during the Spring Festival.
   A total of 50 batches of special supervision and random inspections were arranged. The law enforcement officers took action against Nanchang Department Store Pingxiang Co., Ltd., Wal-Mart (Jiangxi) Commercial Retail Co., Ltd. Pingxiang Lvyin Plaza branch, Nanchang Rainbow Shopping Center Co., Ltd. Pingxiang Tianhong Shopping Center, Jiangxi 10 large supermarkets in the city, including BBK Commercial Chain Co., Ltd. Pingxiang Longhua Yunjin Store, conducted supervision and random inspections. The selected varieties were meat products, dairy products, confectionery products, fruit products, roasted food and nut products, and edible agricultural products. Mainly large food varieties.