Pingxiang City Market Supervision Bureau held the 2020 Rice Sampling Inspection and Monitoring”5+1″ Verification and Disposal Work Risk Exchange Meeting
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   On December 31, 2020, the Pingxiang City Market Supervision Bureau organized the 2020 Rice Sampling Inspection and Monitoring Risk Exchange Conference. Liu Ruigang, deputy director of the Food Sampling Inspection Department of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, attended the meeting to give guidance. Pingxiang City Education Bureau, Pingxiang City Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Pingxiang City Food and Drug Inspection Institute Leaders and Experts, City Bureau Food Related Department Heads, City Inspection Bureau Three Branches More than 30 people, including the person in charge of verification and disposal, the person in charge of the municipal catering (cooking) industry association, the in-charge of the county (district) bureaus, the person in charge of the stock room, and the person in charge of some rice production enterprises attended the meeting and made exchange speeches.
   The meeting notified the city’s rice sampling inspection work from 2018 to 2020. The heads of food-related departments exchanged views on safety risk points, risk prevention and control measures, and risk coordination mechanisms between departments in the rice supervision work. The leaders and experts in charge of various functional departments invited to participate in the meeting fully exchanged the causes, severity and scope of impact of unqualified rice and the next prevention and control measures, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions for the supervision of rice safety in Pingxiang City.
   Liu Ruigang fully affirmed the”5+1″ verification and disposal work risk exchange meeting, a new working model, and emphasized that, first, we must strengthen supervision, make up for shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, take verification and disposal as the starting point, and strictly implement inspections. The work requirements of management integration; second, we must consolidate responsibilities, strengthen supervision and implementation, and continuously enhance the people’s sense of security and happiness in food consumption.
  The meeting required all localities and departments to use this meeting as a”small cut” to promote”big things” in food safety risk early warning communication, continue to explore effective ways of risk communication, and realize early detection, early communication and early warning of food safety risks. Early warning, early disposal, accelerate the transformation of risk communication results, and build a food safety risk communication bridge between the regulatory authorities and consumers; it is necessary to effectively play the role of the “sentinel” and “baton” of the sampling inspection results in food safety supervision. Really solve the risk at the beginning of the bud and eliminate it at the beginning of its appearance.