Online”+” offline”+” on the road”Changsha City Market Supervision Bureau builds online take-out delivery site”Changsha Standard”
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   On the afternoon of January 4, 2021, Changsha City Market Supervision Bureau held a summary meeting on the creation of standardized delivery sites for online food delivery to observe Meituan, Are you hungry, etc. The construction and management of the online ordering platform and the delivery site of the delivery unit, summarizing the work experience in the creation of standardized delivery sites for online food delivery, improving the level of food safety management, and effectively ensuring food safety in the delivery process.

  All riders’ health certificates and takeaway cleaning and disinfection programs are posted on the wall; disinfection supplies are stored in a special area, and the”Seven Steps to Professional Hand Washing” poster content is conspicuous. Entering the Central Meijun Meituan site in Yuelu District, these layouts are clear at a glance.”Every morning at the meeting, we will ask the rider to disinfect the delivery box. Every time an order is delivered, the rider is required to disinfect his hand.” The person in charge of the site introduced that standardizing the workflow is to make customers feel relieved.

   During the on-site observation, Zhang Qinghe, vice chairman of the CPPCC and director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, had a cordial conversation with the rider to understand the rider’s work and living conditions, and listen to their demands , Jie people worry.

After the    field observation, Zhang Qinghe and his party held a summary meeting on the creation of a standardized distribution site for online food delivery in Changsha in the meeting room of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau. Create the overall situation of the job.

   In March 2020, the Changsha Municipal Market Supervision Bureau launched a citywide takeaway standardized delivery site creation activity. In the early stage, through many discussions and scheduling, on the basis of combing the existing management standards of the platform, the relevant food safety requirements were integrated, and the take-out distribution platform determined the ten core standards of the Changsha network take-out standardized distribution site.

   During the creation process, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau guided and urged the platform to focus on improving the quantitative indicators of distribution site location, functional zoning, facilities and equipment, and management personnel. , Realize the standardized management of”hardware”. At the same time, efforts are made to improve the health management system of employees at the distribution site, food safety training and assessment system, distribution safety management system, and regulations on cleaning and disinfection of delivery boxes, catering distribution services, and complaint handling, so as to realize standardized management of”software”.

The    takeaway standardized delivery site creation activity is an innovative measure taken by the market supervision department to pay close attention to the food safety of online catering, which is the first in the country. In December 2020, it was appraised as the typical innovative measures for deepening the reform of the province’s food safety work in 2020, and shared it at the catering quality and safety improvement seminar hosted by the Chinese Society for Market Supervision, which added a piece of”short-term” for online catering food safety governance. The “board” has formed a closed loop of “online catering” on-line, “offline”, and “on the road”, further consolidating the distribution management responsibilities of online food ordering platforms and food delivery units.

   At the meeting, Changsha Jiuyu Han Kitchen Catering Management Consulting Co., Ltd., as a third-party acceptance agency, introduced the evaluation and acceptance status. In December 2020, the company will conduct evaluation and acceptance of 79 distribution sites in the city against the acceptance criteria. According to experience, all 79 distribution sites have reached the standard.

  The meeting also gave a general report to 10 delivery sites that performed well in the creation work. Afterwards, representatives of Meituan and gave speeches respectively.

  The safety and quality of the online catering market will not stop in Changsha. Zhang Qinghe put forward three requirements for the next stage of the creation of a standardized delivery site for online food delivery in Changsha. One is to”excellent standards.” Standards are the foundation and a benchmark. The”standards” of standardized distribution sites should be formulated more scientifically and operably, and can play a leading role in the industry. From the aspects of site selection, system construction, rider’s physical and mental health and protection, and disinfection of delivery tools, a comprehensive blueprint for standardized construction has been formed. The second is to”strict supervision.” Management is the key. Enterprises must strengthen their sense of self-management and earnestly implement their main responsibilities. The industry must guide enterprises and strengthen industry self-discipline. Regulatory departments at all levels must work together to manage and accept supervision from all sectors of society to form a good atmosphere for the whole society to participate in supervision. The third is to”ensure safety.” Ensuring the safety of the”last mile” of food is always the most important proposition. Centering on 79 distribution sites in the city, we must comprehensively carry out the creation of standardized delivery sites for online food delivery, and create a delivery site with a”sound system, standardized management, safety and order, and satisfaction of the masses”, so that the masses have more sense of gain in participating”To help Changsha build a food safety demonstration city.