Notification of positive detection of new coronavirus nucleic acid on the outer packaging of cold chain food in Linghai, Liaoning
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   On December 31, 2020, during the investigation of imported cold chain food in Linghai City, it was found that a vegetable supermarket in Shishan Town, Linghai City tested positive for imported Russian cod.
  Linghai City coordinated and promoted the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and economic and social development. The general headquarters of the work launched the emergency response as soon as possible, and comprehensively controlled and eliminated the relevant external environment and transportation equipment; sealed all the involved goods and carried out Traceability work; all relevant personnel who have been in contact with this batch of positive goods have been quarantined and conducted nucleic acid testing, and the results are all negative. Currently, they are under centralized medical observation and traceability. Further information will be released to the public in time.
  Linghai City coordinated to promote the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic
   Economic and Social Development Headquarters Office
   December 31, 2020