Notice on Soliciting Opinions on Two Local Standards in Anhui Province including”Technical Regulations for Intensive Cultivation of Snakehead Fish in Ponds”
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All relevant units and experts:
  According to the requirements of the Anhui Provincial Market Supervision Administration’s”Notice of the Anhui Provincial Market Supervision Administration on Issuing the Second Batch of Anhui Provincial Local Standards Revision Plan in 2020″ (Wanshi Jianhan [2020] No. 341),”Technical Regulations for Intensive Cultivation of Snakehead Fish in Ponds” (Project Plan No.:2020-2-319) and”Technical Specifications for Disease Control of Eriocheir sinensis” compiled by Anhui Provincial Fisheries Technology Extension Station, Ningguo Jindongfang Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and other units (Project Plan No.:2020-2-320) Two local standards of Anhui Province have been completed for soliciting comments (Annex 1-2). In order to further improve the relevant content of the standards, in accordance with the”Administrative Measures for Local Standards of Anhui Province” (Anhui Municipal Supervision Fa [2019] No. 10) and the”Guidelines for the Establishment and Revision of Local Standards” (DB34/T 2800-2016) are now open for public comments from all walks of life. If you have comments or suggestions for amendments, please fill in the”Anhui Provincial Local Standards Solicitation Form” (Annex 5-6), and feedback to the contact by email before February 6, 2021. Failure to reply within the time limit shall be deemed as no objection.
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