Notice of the Shanxi Provincial Health Commission on the implementation of the fourth batch of local food safety standards in 2020 (Jin Wei Yao Shi Han [2020] No. 60)
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All relevant units:
  According to the provisions of the Food Safety Law and Shanxi Provincial Food Safety Local Standards Management Measures, the Provincial Health and Health Commission decided to launch the fourth batch of food safety local standard projects in 2020. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows, and all units are requested to organize and implement them carefully.
   1. Do a good job in drafting standards. The drafting of standards should be based on the results of food safety risk assessment, with the purpose of safeguarding health, and fully consider the”Shanxi medicinal tea” local characteristic food and industrial development needs and economic development level. You can refer to relevant national standards and risk assessment results for in-depth investigation and research. , To ensure rigorous standards and scientific and reasonable indicators.
   2. The project undertaking unit is responsible for setting up a standard drafting collaboration team to ensure that the project undertaking units have division of labor, close cooperation, complementary advantages, and fully mobilize relevant units and field experts such as regulatory agencies, enterprises, scientific research institutions, and professional institutions The role of.
  3. The project undertaking unit shall strictly follow the requirements of the plan, complete the formulation and revision of local food safety standards with high quality, and report to the provincial food safety local standard administrative department for approval and release in a timely manner.
  Attachment:The Fourth Batch of Shanxi Province Food Safety Local Standards Project Plan in 2020
   Shanxi Provincial Health Commission
   December 29, 2020