Notice of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Public Security Department of the Autonomous Region on Jointly Launching a Special Action to Severely Crack Down on Illegal Activities in Live Pig Slaughter (Gui Nong Department Fa [2020] No.166)
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Agricultural and Rural Bureaus and Public Security Bureaus of each city, county (city, district):
   With the approach of New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, the consumption of pig products will enter a peak period. In order to maintain the order of the pig slaughtering industry, ensure the quality and safety of pig products, and ensure the safety of pork consumption during the festival and the health of the people, the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department and the Public Security Department of the Autonomous Region have decided to jointly launch a special action to crack down on illegal activities in pig slaughter across the region. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
  1. General requirements
   Adhere to problem-oriented, cure both symptoms and root causes, maintain a high pressure situation, focus on combating illegal slaughter of pigs, supervise pig slaughter companies to implement the main responsibility for quality and safety, effectively maintain pig product quality and safety, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of pig slaughter companies, and promote pigs High-quality development of the slaughter industry.
  二. Main tasks
   (1) Strictly investigate and severely punish illegal acts of pig slaughter. Local agricultural and rural areas, and public security departments must perform their duties, implement supervision responsibilities at various levels, thoroughly rectify illegal slaughter of pigs, severely punish water injection, medicine injection and other substance injections, and focus on strengthening the urban-rural fringe, major traffic roads and surrounding areas. The banned illegal slaughter sites and other areas prone to illegal slaughter are investigated and inspected; the illegal slaughter dens are completely destroyed, the illegally slaughtered meat and slaughter and water injection tools are confiscated; Units and individuals that provide places and storage facilities for private slaughter activities. For criminal cases suspected of illegally purchasing, selling, and slaughtering sick and dead pigs, setting up private pig slaughter plants (farms), and processing and selling sick and dead pork products, it is necessary to promptly transfer the clues of the case to the public security organs and pursue criminal responsibility in accordance with the law. The agricultural and rural departments are responsible for the prevention and control of animal diseases and the quality and safety supervision of pig slaughter, and take the lead in cracking down on illegal activities such as illegal transfer of pigs, unlicensed slaughter, and unauthorized slaughter; strengthen cooperation and cooperation with market supervision departments to cut off the legal and effective The”two chapters and two certificates” live pig products enter the market transaction link; the public security department cooperates with the administrative law enforcement in the production, transportation, slaughtering, and sales of pigs and their products, promptly investigates and deals with obstructions to official affairs, violent resistance to the law and other acts, and maintains law enforcement order. The information reported by the relevant departments and the criminal clues transferred shall be verified in a timely manner and severely cracked down in accordance with the law.
   (2) Strictly investigate and repudiate enterprises that do not implement the main responsibility. The agricultural and rural departments should urge designated pig slaughter companies to perform their main responsibilities for quality and safety, establish and improve meat quality inspection systems, implement self-inspection of”clenbuterol” and African swine fever in the slaughter process, standardize slaughter behavior, and strictly control the infection and disease products. Harmful treatment. Punish the meat quality inspection system in accordance with the law for not implementing the meat quality inspection system, slaughtering pigs for non-inspection, purchasing, slaughtering, processing, and operating pigs infected with or suspected of being infected with the disease, disease or death of unknown causes, water injection, medicine injection or other substances, etc. , To strictly prevent related live pig products from entering the market with a legal coat. Relevant enterprises shall cancel the qualification for designated slaughter of pigs and transfer them to the public security organs for criminal responsibility. It is necessary to strengthen the connection with the market supervision department, and do a good job in the backward investigation and traceability of the clues of related problems.
   (3) Strictly clean up the qualifications of slaughter companies. Strictly implement the African swine fever self-inspection system and official veterinarian stationing system in the slaughter process, and shut down the pig slaughter plants (farms) that do not meet the requirements for establishment according to law. To implement the”four strictest” requirements, it is strictly forbidden to discount, make changes, and lower standards in the work of clearing and shutting down unqualified enterprises. For enterprises that stop production for rectification, it is necessary to strengthen inspections and supervise and guide enterprises to complete rectification in a timely manner. For pig slaughter enterprises that have already cancelled their qualifications for designated slaughter of pigs, they must promptly withdraw the”Certificate for designated slaughter of pigs.” In accordance with the requirements of the”Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Livestock and Poultry Slaughtering Industry Structure Layout Guiding Opinions”, optimize the layout of slaughter production capacity, speed up the withdrawal, shutdown and transfer of small slaughterhouses, and ensure that small slaughterhouses are only reduced but not increased.
  三. Work arrangement
   (1) Deployment and mobilization phase (before December 31, 2020). Localities formulate specific implementation plans based on actual conditions to ensure careful deployment and focus.
   (2) Concentrated operation phase (January to February 20, 2021). Fully investigate the clues of the problem and carry out in-depth special actions for illegal activities in pig slaughter.
   (3) Summary of the promotion phase (before February 25, 2021). Timely summarize typical experience and practices, increase the publicity of typical cases of illegal slaughter of pigs, refine and form an effective supervision model, and promote the establishment of long-term mechanisms.
  Four. Work requirements
  All localities must thoroughly implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, strictly observe the bottom line of food safety, and take effective measures to ensure the quality and safety of live pig products and stable supply, and ensure that the special action achieves positive results.
   (1) Strengthen organizational leadership. All counties (cities, districts) should establish and improve a long-term work mechanism that links administrative law enforcement and criminal justice to combat pig slaughter and illegal pork products. It is necessary to focus on the new situation, new situation and new requirements, combine the local conditions to refine the plan, closely follow the time node and target tasks, and assign a dedicated person to be responsible. It is necessary to organize capable forces and increase inspection efforts to ensure the smooth implementation of special operations.
   (2) Smooth reporting channels. It is necessary to update and announce to the public the telephone number of reports on the crackdown on illegal slaughter of pigs, accept and collect reports from the masses and clues to the problems, and conduct checks one by one to ensure that there are results and feedbacks. It is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of public opinion, carefully check and deal with issues disclosed by the media, respond to social concerns in a timely manner, and disclose the investigation and handling of cases. All localities, with the city as the unit, shall submit the reporting telephone numbers at the city level and the counties (cities, districts) under its jurisdiction to the Veterinary Department of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of the Autonomous Region before December 31, 2020.
   (3) Implementation of strict responsibilities. All localities should urge slaughter companies to implement the main responsibilities for safe production and epidemic prevention and control, carry out investigations of hidden dangers in safe production, improve safe production preventive measures, and strengthen emergency response. It is necessary to urge enterprises to implement personnel control measures in accordance with the unified requirements of the local government, strengthen personnel protection and environmental cleaning and disinfection, to ensure that no clustered new crown pneumonia epidemic occurs. It is necessary to strengthen the education of official veterinarians’ conduct and discipline, standardize animal quarantine certification, strictly manage animal quarantine qualification certificates, and transfer to the discipline inspection and supervision departments for illegal activities such as falsely issuing pig quarantine certificates.
   (4) Strengthen summary and publicity. It is necessary to increase the promotion of science and promote the concept of scientific and healthy meat consumption. Timely summarize typical cases, use case statements, play a warning role, and improve the awareness of slaughter companies to comply with laws and regulations. Each city shall promptly summarize the development of special operations, main practices and results, existing problems and suggestions, etc. The summary materials and the”Statistics of Special Operations for Severely Cracking down on Illegal Activities in Pig Slaughter” (see attachment) shall be submitted before February 25, 2021 Veterinary Office of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of the Autonomous Region (Tel:0771-5829849, E-mail:[email protected])
  Attachment:Statistical Table of Special Actions for Severely Cracking Down on Illegal Acts of Pig Slaughter
   Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Public Security Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
   December 23, 2020
   Severely crack down on illegal acts of pig slaughter special action statistics table
   reporting unit:(seal)
Report clues
Supervision and inspection and investigation and handling of cases
Work performance
Number of reports received
Check the quantity
Number of people dispatched for inspection
Number of open cases
Number of items involved
Value of goods
Forfeiture amount
Number of compressed slaughterhouse points
Number of slaughtered dens destroyed by private slaughter
Number of cases transferred to judicial organs
The number of persons to be held liable
(person times)
(ten thousand yuan)
(ten thousand yuan)