Notice of the General Office of the General Administration of Customs on Further Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza at Ports (Ministry of Administration of the PRC [2021] No. 1)
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Guangdong branch and all customs directly under the jurisdiction:
   Recently, the global highly pathogenic avian influenza epidemic has shown a sustained high incidence, especially in Japan, South Korea and other neighboring countries of our country where there are intensive outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza. The risk of avian influenza entering my country through ports is increasing. In order to further strengthen the port quarantine defense line, strictly prevent the introduction and superimposition of the epidemic, and ensure the domestic animal husbandry production and the people’s life and health safety, we are hereby notified of further strengthening the prevention and control of the avian influenza epidemic as follows.
  1. Strictly implement the relevant ban notices
   All customs must strictly implement the prohibition announcement (joint notice) and warning notices on preventing the introduction of highly pathogenic avian influenza into our country. According to the Notice on the Prevention and Control of Major Animal Epidemics such as Influenza (Administration and Zhihan [2020] No. 4),”Notice of the General Administration of Customs on Doing a Good Job in Port Prevention and Control of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Winter and Spring” (Department Office Animal and Zhi Han [2020] No. 24) and other documents require that the import of poultry and related products from the epidemic area is strictly prohibited, delivery and passengers carrying poultry and their products into the country are strictly prohibited, and the epidemic area shall be prepared in strict accordance with the requirements of risk control instructions The means of transportation boarded for quarantine and disinfection supervision to strictly prevent the epidemic from spreading across borders at the port.
  2. Further strengthen port quarantine supervision
   (1) Continue strict entry quarantine supervision.
   All customs shall strictly implement various quarantine and supervision measures for entry poultry port inspection, domestic transportation quarantine, and isolation quarantine to ensure entry quarantine safety. For imported poultry meat and its products from neighboring countries or regions of the country where the epidemic occurred, the inspections at ports and the monitoring of bird flu should be increased in accordance with the deployment control instructions. Strictly follow the requirements of the relevant access and supervision sampling plan to inspect imported poultry meat and its products. Once products that have not been approved for inspection and quarantine are found, they are resolutely returned or destroyed in accordance with laws and regulations, and risk warning information is promptly submitted.
   (2) Intensify the verification of imported certificates of origin.
   For imported poultry and their products that need to provide a certificate of origin, each customs shall increase the verification of the certificate of origin to ensure that the source of imported poultry and its products is clear and accurate, and severely crack down on forgery, alteration, and exchange of certificates of origin, etc. Illegal acts, strictly prevent the import of products from epidemic areas.
   (3) Strengthen joint prevention and control of the epidemic and monitoring at border ports.
   Border port customs should increase preventive disinfection of vehicles entering the country from epidemic countries, strengthen coordination with local agricultural, rural, forestry and grassland authorities, and further establish and improve animal epidemic joint prevention and control mechanisms, and strengthen border port areas Monitoring and notification of the avian influenza epidemic situation, and promptly and properly handling the abnormality in accordance with the joint prevention and control mechanism
   (4) Strengthen the quarantine and supervision of breeding poultry and poultry meat for Hong Kong and Macao.
   All relevant customs shall further strengthen the supervision and management of registered farms and filing sites for live poultry and poultry meat for Hong Kong and Macao, strictly in accordance with relevant systems and work requirements, strengthen the monitoring of the avian influenza epidemic and the inspection and quarantine supervision of exported goods, and compact The main responsibility of the export enterprise for epidemic prevention. At the same time, strictly implement the inspection measures at the approved ports for the supply of breeding poultry to Hong Kong.
  (5) Strengthen personnel qualification management.
   All customs shall strictly implement the relevant post qualification management regulations of the General Administration, strengthen document review, port inspection, quarantine inspection, isolation quarantine, enterprise inspection, laboratory testing, and disposition of unqualified goods and other qualification personnel Management, further enrich the power of professionals, ensure that relevant quarantine and supervision measures are in place, and emergency response is timely and effective.
  3. Further combat the smuggling of poultry and birds and their products
   All customs must be based on the main battlefield of customs supervision, strengthen analysis, research and intelligence management, adhere to the combination of concentrated strikes and normalized strikes, comprehensively strengthen the crackdown on key periods, key links and key channels, and organize cross-customs cooperation in a timely manner Fight, and strive to solve a number of major and important cases, and effectively deter illegal and criminal smuggling. It is necessary to strengthen the awareness of”all-staff anti-smuggling”, to close the chain of customs supervision, and build an integrated combat system of”suppression, prevention, management, and control” to combat the smuggling of poultry and their products. All customs anti-smuggling departments shall, in accordance with regulations, promptly hand over the property involved in the case to the relevant departments in accordance with regulations regarding the seized poultry and birds and their products. All customs shall strictly implement the”Customs Regulations for the Safe Operation of the Seizure and Disposal of Terrestrial Wild Animals and Their Products (Interim)”, and handle the goods involved in the case.
  Four. Strengthen biological safety protection
   Each customs shall further carry out biosafety protection in all aspects of quarantine and supervision of imported poultry and its products, especially the front-line customs officers and laboratory testing personnel who directly contact live poultry and fresh poultry related goods and articles shall strictly follow Relevant technical regulations should do a good job of personal protection and resolutely prevent personnel from being infected with the epidemic.
   hereby notify.